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At BMI Financial Group we offer the most comprehensive and high quality portfolio of insurance and investment products for the international client.  In order to keep a leadership position as a specialized services provider, in BMI we continuously analyze requirements, changes and innovations of the international financial community.  Our history and permanence, global presence, strength and sustained growth over the years, and the long-term commitment to our markets show that BMI is the best alternative for personal protection and financial planning. 


Throughout our history, in BMI we have been dedicated to maintain a very careful philosophy  regarding investment selection, fund administrators, re-insurers, as well as our associations with banking institutions.

Our investments are managed by the most successful organizations and fund management  companies with excellent trajectory in the preservation of capital and performance.

We have the support of first class reinsurance companies worldwide. Their confidence in our strategy and good business practices, allow us to operate safely in every region where we are represented.

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