Series 3000

It is our international health plan with no insured sum limit, which allows you a free choice of hospitals and specialists around the world through our wide network of providers. It has been created for people who have a very active life and who require care without waiting in their country of residence, giving them access to services such as nutrition, breast reconstruction and psychiatric consultations.

General Information

Description Coverage
Maximum coverage per insured (Per policy year) UNLIMITED
Waiting period in country of residence Immediate coverage
Waiting period outside country of residence 30 days / Immediate coverage for accidents and infectious diseases
Geographic coverage Worldwide
Hospital network Freedom of choice
Renewals Guaranteed. No age limit
Elimination of deductible in case of hospitalization due to accident Applies to deductible options I, II, III & IV
Exemption of premiums for death or total and permanent disability of the holder 2 years


• Residents of Latin America and the Caribbean. No age limit for issuance and renewal.
• Dependent children up to their 18th birthday or if they are single and residing with the policyholder up to their 30th birthday. Dependents studying full-time outside their country of residence until their 24th birthday.
• Medical examination is required (the insurer reserves the right to waive the medical examination, according to a declaration of good health and / or evidence presented by the proposed insured).

Deductible Options

Outside the USA US $500 US $1,000 US $2,500 US $5,000 US $10,000 US $20,000 US $30,000 US $40,000 US $50,000 US $60,000
In the USA US $1,000 US $2,000 US $5,000 US $5,000 US $10,000 US $20,000 US $30,000 US $40,000 US $50,000 US $60,000

• Applies per insured, per policy year, up to a maximum of 2 deductibles per family.
• In case of an accident in country of residence in which one or more family members suffer injury only one deductible per policy year will apply.
• Expenses incurred during the last 90 days of the policy year not exceeding the deductible will be applied to the next policy year period.

Hospitalization Benefits

Description Coverage
Medical and surgical charges 100%
Physician fees 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services 100%
Hospital room (Including private) 100%
Intensive care unit 100%
Prescription Drugs 100%
Accompanying stay 100%

Outpatient Benefits

Description Coverage
Ambulatory surgery 100%
Visits to physicians and specialists 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services 100%
Prescription Drugs 100%
Routine medical check-up (Deductible does not apply. Policyholder and spouse. 12 months waiting period) US$500
Routine immunizations for dependent under 18 years old (Deductible do not apply. 12 month waiting period. Automatic for dependents born under a covered maternity) US$250

Maternity benefits

• 10 month waiting period. Available for deductibles I-II-III-IV. Available for dependents


Description Coverage
Maternity outside the USA (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Maternity inside the USA, policies with policyholder and spouse (Deductible does not apply for options I & II) US$15,000
Maternity inside the USA, policies with policyholder (Deductible does not apply for options I & II) US$10,000
Maternity complications (Deductible does not apply outside the USA/ in USA for options I & II) 100%
Complications of the newborn 100%
Addition of newborn (Must send birth certificate within 90 days of birth) Automatic
Umbilical cord stem cells preservation (Deductible does not apply. Per newborn) US$2,000
Tubal ligation during delivery (Deductible does not apply. Lifetime) US$1,000
Circumcision in hospital (Deductible does not apply. Per newborn) US$1,000

Other Benefits

Description Coverage
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis 100%
Cancer risk reduction surgery (Prophylactic surgery) 100%
Reconstructive surgery due to illness 100%
Physical therapy, occupational therapy and language therapy due to illness or covered accident 100%
Medical Visits for Sleep Apnea | Medical Visits for Allergies 100%
Hospice or terminal care 100%
Treatment for injuries as a result of participation in non-professional sports 100%
Emergency room 100%
Dental treatment due to accident (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Congenital conditions 100%
Nutritionist services 100%
Local ambulance (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Home nursing 100%
Intraoperative prostheses 100%
Organ transplant 100%
Medical benefit for organ resection from a donor US$100,000
Aids treatment (Lifetime) US$500,000
Medical equipment, external prostheses and orthopedic devices US$100,000
Total and permanent disability of the holder US$50,000
Surgical treatment for symptomatic foot disorders (24 month waiting period) US$5,000
Autism US$5,000
Chiropractic treatment US$4,000
Cosmetic breast reconstruction (Not related to illness. 24 month waiting period. Lifetime. Policyholder or spouse) US$4,000
Vasectomy (Deductible does not apply. Lifetime) US$1,000
Psychiatric consultations (Per visit. Maximum 20 visits) US$200
Hearing aid (12-month waiting period. US$3,000 lifetime) US$3,000
Alzheimer's US$100,000

Additional Coverage Riders (Optional)

• Travel Assistance / Emergency Medical Transportation

• Term Life Insurance (US$50,000 or US$100,000)

Travel Assistance - Medical Emergency Transportation




• BMI will waive the deductible -up to US$5,000- in case of a medical emergency due to illness or accident while traveling outside the country of residence.
• The amount of deductible waived by BMI will be applied to the policy annual deductible.
• Follow-up visits will be covered as per policy benefits. The insured will be responsible for any remaining deductible until the annual deductible is reached.



Air ambulance 100%
Transportation expenses for accompanying family member when not allowed
travel to the medical center in the air ambulance *
Living expenses for accompanying family member * US$100 per day, maximum 5 days
Medical repatriation * US$25,000
Air ticket back to the country of residence (insured and companion) * US$1,000 per person, per event
Airfare for companion if hospitalized (more than 5 days) during a trip US$1,000
Repatriation of mortal remains or cremation services US$10,000
Return of minor children due to policyholder’s death US$1,000 per policy
*Following an air ambulance service

BMI Access



The BMI Access Service Center provides 24x7 assistance and exclusive benefits to all BMI health insureds.


The insured should only contact BMI Access to be assigned a Medical Coordinator, who will be their guide to coordinate any services or benefits available in their health policy.




BMI MD Live is a telehealth service that provides access to a network of certified physicians via phone or video call to diagnose medical conditions, provide treatment plans, and prescribe medications if necessary.


Available 24/7 worldwide, this convenient service saves policyholders on medical expenses and helps prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room or urgent care center.


Contact BMI Access to enjoy BMI MD Live:


Tel .: +1(305)665-4817
US Tel: 1-800-882-7796
Whatsapp: +1(829)760-3152
Application for: BMI Access


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Out-of-network coinsurance vive Costa Rica

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Emergency coverage outside of Costa Rica

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• International network

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