Collective Major Medical Expenses

• This product may be contracted by those who reside in the Dominican Republic, whose age does not exceed 65 years, and may maintain their coverage until 70 years.

• Coverage for medical emergencies due to illness or accident up to USD 10,000 anywhere in the world according to the costs of the place of incurrence. This benefit applies to business or pleasure trips, the maximum duration of which does not exceed 30 days. (Pre-existing coverage does not apply). * Deductible applies USD150

• The product allows access to the coordination of benefits between the coverage contracted and another current plan, through BMI or another insurance alternative on the market. Without exceeding 100% of the expenses incurred.

• To provide the best care we have an excellent network of Hospitals and Clinics throughout the Dominican Republic, where we offer hospitalization and surgery services. The BMI network can be consulted at the address: Dominican Republic Network

• The coverage of outpatient expenses offered by the BMI plans, allow you to enjoy the highest coverage in the market with the benefit of free choice of doctors provided that they are legally authorized to practice the profession of medicine in recognized specialties.

Maximum limit for disability / illness, per insured USD 500,000
Period of disability / illness 365 days
Claims submission period 120 days
Waiting period for any disability / non-accidental illness or infectious disease 90 days
Waiting period for Appendicitis and Cholecystitis Not applicable
Exemption of premiums due to the death of the holder 3 years

Room and daily meals after deductible has been applied 100%
Intensive care unit 100%
Maximum days of hospitalization 240 days
Co-pay for hospital illness / disability within the Provider Network 100%
Out-of-Provider Network Hospital Disability / Illness Copayment 70%

Disability / illness copay 100%

Maximum limit for the Maternity benefit, after the deductible has been applied 100%
Maximum limit for maternity complications, after deductible has been applied USD 50,000
Maximum coverage limit for the newborn, after the deductible has been applied USD 50,000
Waiting period for the Maternity, Maternity Complications, Newborn Coverage benefit, after the deductible has been applied 1 year

Maximum limit for transplants (lifetime limit) USD 150,000

Maximum limit per trip, per insured USD 10,000
Deductible per trip, per insured USD 150
Maximum days per trip 30 days

* This benefit is provided abroad by MULTI ASSISTANCE SERVICES and does not apply to pre-existing conditions

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Deductible for disability / illness US$5,000 US$10,000 US$15,000 US$20,000

* All coverages apply once the deductible has been covered

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