Through the Window of Heaven BMI gave thanks for its blessings this 2020


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Through the Window of Heaven BMI gave thanks for its blessings this 2020

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Through the Window of Heaven BMI gave thanks for its blessings this 2020

In the United States, Thanksgiving is a celebration more than special and steeped in traditions and customs. Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of November in North America, in Canada on the second Thursday of November.

The origin of Thanksgiving Day dates back four centuries, in 1621, Massachusetts. At that time, the pilgrims who had left for the New World were celebrating the crops they had grown a year earlier, because in 1620, the Indians taught the pilgrims to farm, hunt and fish. Among the difficulties of their trip, the first winter reduced their number by half, so that, in the autumn of the following year, they decided that the abundant results of the harvests were worth celebrating and sharing with the Indians who helped them. This is how Thanksgiving came about. However, it was not until three centuries later, in 1941, when it was declared a national holiday.

Like the holidays that preceded 2020, this holiday is different this year. An ongoing pandemic has changed the way the world lives their lives, including the way the holidays are celebrated. Still, it is not a reason not to be grateful. A grateful heart is a magnet for blessings.

Annually BMI Casa Matriz enjoys a traditional lunch for Thanksgiving, more than a business lunch, it is a family party, where we celebrate and come together to bring typical dishes from each country of origin and thus have an exchange of cultures and flavors , having a nice moment of pure gratitude. This year the BMI family could not carry out their great Thanksgiving share, since our main objective is to preserve the health of our great family.

For us this year, more than ever, Thanksgiving has a special meaning. BMI did not miss this special day and the best way to celebrate it is to give thanks through sharing and for this opportunity we joined the La Ventana de los Cielos foundation, which is a non-governmental non-profit organization, they have the in order to promote, advocate and protect the rights of children and adolescents with special capacities to a full physical and intellectual development defined by their condition.

At BMI we unify efforts to face adversity, united in solidarity and generosity since these values are the basis of human society and of our development as an institution, being also key values of this celebration. Some of our colleagues volunteered for this cause to bring happiness and tranquility to 150 children, teens and families this Thanksgiving. 

With all the necessary health protocols for Covid-19, we created a small team of volunteers, thus allowing us to develop this activity that rejoices our hearts and fills us with immense gratitude. With the help of this wonderful team we managed to organize 150 bags of food, accompanied by their desserts and drinks. Then we moved to the farm belonging to the La Ventana de los Cielos foundation who sent the donations to children, adolescents and families.

We understand that sharing our time to serve is also being grateful. Every smile that BMI can create is a reward for our hearts.

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