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In Latin America, of the 612 million people who inhabited the continent in 2014, 310 million were women, according to the most recent data from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Why is this information important? Nothing less because it makes visible the weight of women in the region. "Thanks to education, women are more mobilized and show their multiple capacities as mothers, wives, professionals or heads of families," says Dr. David Barrios, clinical sexologist and couple psychotherapist.

Without the dynamism of women, Latin America would have lacked one of its main impulses towards economic, cultural and social development.

This March 8, International Women's Day, their efforts must be recognized; "Although we have to emphasize women as mothers, because their work often represents a double shift that they carry out with precision, punctuality and love," says the expert.

In our region, the average number of children is 2.5 per woman, according to ECLAC. To round off, it could be stated that families are made up of parents and three children.

Three children who represent a major challenge that Latin American women overcome with excellence not without devotion and affection.   

Today's mothers are dynamic in their various jobs. Almost all of them have a double shift, but they do it differently, from another perspective and with their hands on their hips. They are "wonder women."

Latin American mothers are wonder women who work in an office, store, business or large corporate and also are responsible for raising children. If they don't cook, they order food for their offspring from good cooks. They themselves go to the nursery for their babies when there is a need for them to spend their mornings safely. They supervise the cleanliness and order of the home, if they do not do that work directly.

They are also the cohesion or unity factor of the tribe, a very specific cultural trait of Latinos. In our region, the mother is almost a totemic figure; Around her the clan gathers to celebrate, eat, solve problems, fulfill funeral rites or simply feel that she will always be a loving, understanding and protective figure.

With this versatility, it is no longer surprising that a woman and mother have the right tools at hand to take care of the present and future of their children. Like good life insurance, which guarantees a quality education or fine care during periods of illness and your own old age.

For Dr. Barrios it is very clear: “Today mothers are a factor of transformation, support and family, work and social perseverance. His role is definitive and essential ”.

Happy Women's Day!

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