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Table of Contents:

Every May, World Family Day is celebrated, a date that commemorates traditions, affection, and the importance of family relationships in the coexistence of today's society. In families there is a bond that is present at all times, since the experiences lived, the human warmth and the affection, go beyond anything.

The family has been considered a basic unit of society. This is how this holiday arises, to commemorate and reinforce the emotional ties within the family, a nucleus and pillar in our lives, which provide us with love, tranquility, support and happiness.

One of the aspects that cannot go unnoticed is the cultural contribution of the family in society, included in the education that is given to us on a moral level, beliefs, personality development and how to function. The family also plays a vital role in the development of our character, a factor that influences the construction of our person, that is why it is so important regardless of its symbolic or traditional implications.

 These factors determine our essence and define our way of being, as responsible members of a community. That is the most important treasure that family members give us and that allows us to enjoy life and fight to achieve our goals.

 At BMI we are a great family, and we understand that beyond the meaning that each one of us wants to give it, it represents unity, education, affection, and well-being and that is why we celebrate it today. Happy Family Day!

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