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mamas sos 2

Table of Contents:

HOMEOPATHY is a branch of medicine that was born in Germany in the early 1800s. To explain how we work in Homeopathy, I comment on two of its foundations.

  1. Homeopathy comes from "homeosWhich means similar. Homeopathy is based on the Hippocratic aphorism similia similibus curantur, in our words "the similar is cured with the similar”. This means that homeopaths seek healing with remedies that in experimentation have generated the same symptoms that we want to cure in our patient. Unlike allopathic medicine, which cures by looking for the opposite effect, for example in a patient with high blood pressure, an antihypertensive is indicated, an analgesic in pain, etc.
  2. In Homeopathy, each patient is a whole. We don't just treat Juana's headache before exams, you have to understand what happens with Juana: is she a girl who usually gets sick? Were your maturational patterns consistent with age? How are things at home? Do you have friends?… Many times what motivates the consultation is only the expression of a deeper problem. When they ask me; "What can I give my son who has bronchospasm?", my answer is: "you have to see what is making him sick. What is behind that bronchospasm, is it a little boy who gets sick when his parents travel? Or when was the little sister born? Or every time you get cold afterwards does your chest hiss?”The concept is to look at the bottom of what makes him sick and look for the most appropriate remedy for that disorder.

As moms, intuitively one notices what is the "weak point" of each of our children. As a Homeopathic Physician, it is not only to see this "weak point" but what it is that destabilizes it.

That destabilizes it to such an extent that it manages to generate a physical imbalance (bronchospasms, headaches, skin allergies, etc.) or emotional (excessive shyness, social integration problems, behavior problems).

For this reason, we do not medicate Pedro's skin allergy with the same remedy that we indicated to Joaquín, because Pedro gets sick because of how Pedro is and feels, and Joaquín because of how Joaquin is and feels.

How is the consultation with the Homeopathic Doctor?

In the first consultation with the Homeopathic Physician, the homeopathic medical history is taken, we listen to the patient or the adult who brings the child to the consultation. It is extensive, because in that hour and a half, approximately that the consultation lasts, we seek to know and understand what happens with the patient who comes to visit us. What brings you to the office? What illnesses have you had? How is your family? How is it with your friends?

#TIP: If your children are very young, I suggest them bring something to entertain themselves (toy, books, pencils).

Try to keep them on a time that you are willing to cooperate with the interview. For example, if they are to nap in the afternoon, it would be best to take them before or after. If you make a whim or are ashamed in the consultation or do not want to be reviewed, do not worry that it is also useful information for us. During the consultation, the Doctor sees the patient as in a video, that is, he tries to capture his past, understand what makes him suffer now, and how he sees the future (fear, anxiety, uncertainty).

At what age can they start homeopathic treatment?

There is no age for Homeopathy. They can be treated from infants to the elderly. With the concept of "disease" that allopathy gives us, we may not see that the baby who cries persistently every night is sick, but from the homeopathic point of view something is brewing.

How to choose a Homeopathic Doctor?

There are very good Homeopathic Doctors, but there are also others who give this way of healing a bad name. First, be a doctor. There is a postgraduate degree in Homeopathy for Psychologists, Pharmacists, Veterinarians and Dentists, many excellent professionals. That is why I advise you to look at what kind of professional he is.

Second, if you have the title of Homeopathic Physician. You can also search if you participate in any association (AMHA-Argentine Homeopathic Medical Association, EMHA - Argentine Homeopathic Medical School). It is also useful to have references from a patient who has attended.

Many Homeopathic Physicians treat children and adults. There are those who only serve children and those who serve only adults. So when it comes to making an appointment, they have to ask.

The cures that are achieved with Homeopathy are rewarding. Not only that the little boy who lived with bronchospasm all winter is better, but also that the one who was so shy that he did not dare to invite his friend is now able to do so. We do not pretend that that shy little boy is the life of the party, but we do want that shyness stops enslaving him or conditioning life and thus unfold completely.

Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, tells us "the only and highest mission of the doctor is to cure." That is paramount. See, accompany, understand how our patient feels, only in this way can we see what is worth curing.

Thank you Jennifer Longstaff.

If you want to contact her, you can contact her email: l

This blog has been provided courtesy of Mamas SOS.

From Mamas SOS:

«We are Delfi Roldán and Loli Barski, friends of life for more than 10 years. We spent many moments together: vacations, outings, trips and even each witnessed the marriage of the other. Today we find ourselves beginning to share 'motherhood.' Delfi has been married to Fran for 5 years and she is the mother of Oli (2 and a half years) and Félix (1 year). Loli has been married to Nacho for 1 year and is waiting for Toribio for December. For a couple of months our talks are about nothing other than babies and maternity and pregnancy tips. That is why we decided to create this space to share all our advice and experiences. »

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