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Today, it is increasingly common for family values and customs linked to Christmas celebrations to be transformed according to commercial interests until their essence fades. Gratitude, humility and generosity have been a bit relegated, however, Christmas is still a good way to get closer to loved ones, take up these values to grow internally and offer the best of ourselves to those around us.

Good wishes, congratulations, and warm hugs are just the first step in appealing to emotions and fostering concepts that translate into beneficial actions, such as peace, reconciliation, love, and hope.


The foundation of our society continues to be the family, hence the importance of maintaining traditions that promote unity. This colorful and surprising holiday is an unbeatable way to explain in a fun way to the little ones, positive values such as kindness, generosity and honesty. Remember that the values taught to a child will form the basis of his future decisions.

These are 3 tips that you can try to transmit values to the smallest of the home on this festive date.

1. Stories. We know that little ones love stories, so why not create one. Choose a value and develop an attractive story that, in addition to causing smiles, leaves a constructive message.

2. Educational games. Educating them while having fun is quite an effective formula. Gather the family together and plan a game where the main theme is values, for example, riddles. Take advantage, the gifts are already there, and that is the motivation that children need, remember that without encouragement there is no motivation for effort.

3. You as a parent are the key. There is no better way to explain concepts to children than by example, an action will help them assimilate new references more accurately. During the Christmas season there are many charitable or social aid initiatives that promote the values of solidarity and generosity, join us. For example, donating is a simple action that gives rise to talk about this topic.

Keep in mind that, between the ages of 3 and 5, children are already mature enough to adopt habits of social coexistence, so don't worry, it will be easy to get the message across.

If we can make children understand the importance of embracing values without making them feel like they are fulfilling an obligation, they will be able to associate Christmas with family happiness and positive ideas, not just with gifts. Creating this type of awareness in the little ones will bring great benefits in their development as citizens and individuals, and in the future, also for our society.

The first step in transforming our world into a more peaceful place is at home.

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