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Within the framework of the month for awareness about life insurance, we would like to highlight the importance of these as a financial protection tool for families, while retaking the concept of prevention as the central axis to face the future with lower risks and concerns. 

Preparing the necessary means to react in a timely manner to future contingencies is vital, and for this it is necessary to have a team of professionals who advise and assist you at all times, even in minor situations.

The biggest step in establishing a strong culture of prevention based on life insurance is to tear down the stigma that permeates this protection service, which views insurance as an expense, not an investment. We must emphasize that this is an effort that will bring great benefits to your future, and many times it is the decision that guarantees a more stable life.

The process so that life insurance is better integrated with society will be possible with our work as a company to establish communication through actions that establish the pillars of trust and transparency. The relationship of trust between the company and the client is the best way to ground the awareness of risk forecasting, and for this, our trajectory of excellence is highly relevant.

At BMI we are aware that the protection needs that each person seeks are diverse and involve substantial differences, for this reason we have developed various plans with adjustable benefits, which allows us to integrate more groups of people into our protection network.

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