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September is Insurance Awareness Month for all that this implies. From providing a sense of security for oneself and for our family, to exercising a sense of responsibility so that you have support at all times in the face of adversity.

This initiative seeks to create a culture of protection: to look to the future and invest in pursuit of personal and family well-being, in search of tranquility.

According to statistics, the 60% of the population does not have insurance; However, this is not because the insurance in question is not very accessible, but because there is a high level of misinformation regarding all these matters.

The importance of being insured, as a potential client, lies in making sure the population knows how to protect itself and anticipate any eventuality. For example, nobody is preparing for what is to come in a future time, such as paying for the treatment of an illness or a funeral. At BMI we hope that this never happens and that you don't have to deal with something like this, however in case you find yourself immersed in one of these situations, you know that you can count on us from beginning to end.

Once you have understood how important it is to be insured, know all the information about our plans so that you can decide which is the one that best suits your needs.

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