Flexi Plan III Latin America

Flexi Plan III Latin America

• Any person who resides in Latin America or the Caribbean. The maximum age for enrollment is 70.
• Dependent children up to their 18th birthday or if they are single and residing with the policyholder up to their 30th birthday. Dependents studying full-time outside their country of residence until their 24th birthday.
• Medical Exam is required for all proposed insureds age 65 and over.

US$250 US$500 US$1,000 US$2,500 US$5,000 US$10,000 US$20,000

• Applies per insured, per policy year, up to a maximum of 2 deductibles per family.
• In case of an accident in country of residence in which one or more family members suffer injury only one deductible per policy year will apply.
• Expenses incurred during the last 90 days of the policy year not exceeding the deductible will be applied to the next policy year period.

Description Coverage
Maximum coverage per insured (Per policy year) US$500,000
Waiting period 30 days / Immediate coverage for accidents and infectious diseases
Geographic coverage Latin America and the Caribbean
Hospital network Freedom of choice
Renewals Guaranteed. No age limit
Temporary emergency coverage due to accident while application is being underwritten US$50,000
Emergency medical treatment outside area of coverage US$25,000
Waiver of premium upon death or permanent & total disability of policyholder under 60 years old 2 years
BMI Access Included at no additional cost

Description Coverage
Medical and surgical charges 100%
Physician fees 100%
Hospital room (Per day. Maximum 240 days) US$400
Intensive care unit (Per day. Maximum 240 days) US$800
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services 100%
Physical therapy, occupational therapy and language therapy due to illness or covered accident 100%
Prescription Drugs 100%
Treatment for injuries as a result of participation in non-professional sports 100%
Congenital conditions 100%
Hospital indemnity (Per day. Maximum 10 days) 100%

Description Coverage
Ambulatory surgery 100%
Routine medical check-up (Deductible does not apply. Policyholder and spouse. 12 month waiting period) US$250

Not applicable

Description Coverage
Complications of pregnancy (Ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous/not elective abortion, death of the embryo or fetus, hydatidiform) 100%
Dental treatment due to accident (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Home nursing (Maximum 30 days) 100%
Cancer risk reduction surgery (Prophylactic surgery) 100%
Reconstructive surgery due to illness 100%
Organ transplant (Lifetime) US$500,000
Medical benefit for organ resection from a donor US$25,000
Permanent & total disability of policyholder under 60 years old US$50,000
Local ambulance (Deductible does not apply) US$1,000
Sexually transmitted diseases US$1,000

Term Life Insurance (US$50,000 or US$100,000)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) (US$50,000 to US$250,000)
Permanent and Total Disability (US$50,000 to US$300,000)

Supplements (Optional)

Maximum coverage per insured (Per policy year) US$1,500,000
Hospital room and intensive care unit (Maximum 240 days) 100%
Outpatient services. Includes:
Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and dialysis as an outpatient 80% or 100%
Medications after hospitalization / outpatient surgery (90 days) 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services according to % selected
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for covered illness or accident according to % selected
Treatment for injuries resulting from participation in non-professional sports according to % selected
Congenital conditions according to % selected

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