BMI Access

BMI Access


The BMI Access Service Center provides 24x7 assistance and exclusive benefits to all BMI health insureds.

Included at no additional cost.

You just have to contact BMI Access and we will assign you a Medical Coordinator, who will provide you with support to coordinate any service or benefit available in your health policy.




In the event of a major illness or medical condition arises, this benefit provides the insured a second medical opinion to confirm the original diagnosis or treatment proposed by the attending physician.

Each case will be reviewed by world-class doctors electronically and a network of the best hospitals in the United States.


BMI MD LIVE is a telehealth service that provides access to a network of board-certified physicians via telephone or video call. The doctors diagnose, provide treatment plans and prescribe medication when necessary, for a variety of non-emergency medical conditions.

This service saves insureds on out-of-pocket expenses and helps prevent unnecessary emergency room visits treating ailments such as allergies, arthritic pain, cold/flu, conjunctivitis/ pink eye, ear infections, fever, gastroenteritis, headaches, laryngitis, minor rashes, respiratory infections, sinusitis, sprains and strains, urinary tract infections, and more!


Assistance in selecting the most suitable medical specialists for the given health condition of the insured in the US city of their choice.

This benefit also includes coordination of medical appointments in the United States and post-appointment tracking.


In case of a scheduled admission to a hospital or if the insured has medical appointments in the United States, BMI Access will arrange transportation to/from the airport, hotel, and hospital centers or physician offices.


Assistance in selecting an appropriate hospital center for the diagnosis of the insured.
This benefit also includes coordination of procedures and requirements for hospital admittance or discharge.


If the insured requires emergency medical treatment which is not available in their current location, BMI Access will coordinate the air transportation to the nearest medical facility capable of providing care.

In addition, this benefit provides assistance in coordinating Medical Repatriation or Repatriation of Mortal Remains to the country of residence of the insured.


Discounts for the entire family on medicine prescribed in the United States. We have the largest network of providers in the country, with more than 69,000 pharmacies across the US.

Additionally, the insured can be assisted in receiving the necessary medication for treatment when they cannot locate them in their country of residence.


Coordination of lodging for the insured and their accompanied guests in hotels or apartments near the selected hospital during medical treatment in the United States.


Coordination of special requirements during the insured stay in the United States.

-Recovery items: wheelchair, post-surgical bed, portable oxygen, crutches or vaporizer.
-Special Care such as a nurse or physical therapy at home.
-Assistance in reserving a car or cellphone rental.

It also offers the coordination of routine exams anywhere in the world.


Assistance in coordinating medical treatment in countries outside the United States and aiding the insured in choosing the most appropriate medical centers and specialists within Latin America per the diagnosis of the insured.

Medical Passport is synonymous with high-quality medical care abroad, in excellent medical centers, with the highest caliber of specialists, at an affordable cost.

How to contact BMI Access?

BMI Health Insurance

Worldwide Coverage and Support

   BMI Access was created with you in mind. If you or your family live in Latin America or the Caribbean, we offer you Health Insurance Plans with coverage throughout the world. Most health insurance policies cover the basics. At BMI we take the reins in unexpected situations so you don't have to. Unforeseen medical expenses require additional support and guidance, which is why we created BMI Access. All cardholders will have 24 × 7 access to our medical coordinators at no additional cost. We will provide help and support from the process of requesting second medical opinions to everything related to transportation and coordination of appointments with doctors in the United States.

Benefits of BMI Access

   So you can focus on what really matters, recover.

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