Why BMI? 


50 years of experience and history dedicated solely to Latin America and the Caribbean


Assets over $1.4 billion


Over US$1 billion in benefits paid to our policy owners worldwide


Millions of clients in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia

Global Presence

Strategy of continuous expansion. Corporate subsidiaries and service offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Grand Cayman, Guatemala, Taiwan, United States and Venezuela.


Broad portfolio made up of elite quality products and services


Continuous training for representatives and customer service staff. Innovative online learning platform with webinars and academic training courses


24/7 Service and multilingual operators


Security vis-à-vis currency value and amidst political/ economic changes


Highly respected and reputable within the international market. Our name is synonymous with quality, trust, financial strength, high performance, permanence and exceptional service

Ratings and Recognition  

BMI has long been recognized by the media and extremely reputable independent evaluation companies in the international insurance market.

Our History

Since the creation of our first company, we have maintained a strategy of continuous growth and expansion that has made BMI a company with a solid track record over the years.

BMI Leadership

At BMI, our professional team members have an excellent track record and expertise in the international insurance and investment markets; they are committed to leading our family of excellence in service, maintaining the excellence of our products and services, and ensuring that we satisfy our customers demand.