How to start: tips to not give up along the way

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The word “undertake” causes many sensations such as: excitement, anguish, uncertainty, pride, power and more. Without a doubt, it is an exciting journey full of challenges and opportunities for those who decide to take it.

From creating an innovative idea to seeing it turned into a successful business, the path of entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs. But at BMI we want you to feel accompanied on this journey and, for that reason, we offer you some tips:

1. Define your vision and objectives: This is extremely important, setting realistic goals will help you not get frustrated along the way and focus on challenges.

2. Learn from challenges: In the learning process you will have many bad moments as company, but this brings with it many valuable opportunities. Don't be discouraged, analyze what went wrong and start again, because as they say, "he who perseveres achieves." Failure to do something is just a way to get back on the path to our goal.

3. Surround yourself with people who support you: The support of family, friends and mentors makes your journey in entrepreneurship more lively and will provide you with fundamental support so that after each process you can talk and vent or seek better advice to continue with your goals.

4. Take care of yourself: Your mental and physical health are essential, do not give up on yourself due to stress or lack of time, if you are unwell internally and externally your project will also suffer delays, you are the most valuable asset of your company.

6. Adapt and persist are key words: The road will be full of changes and challenges. Learn to adapt to new circumstances and persist even when things get difficult.

7. Celebrate small achievements: Recognizing your progress will help you maintain motivation and confidence in yourself.

8. Take care of your finances and assets: the great effort you make daily must always have support, look for options that truly provide continuity to your business in any circumstance, insurance is an optimal plan to support what you love, what you fight for and what you want to preserve.

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