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Financial statements

The performance of a business is known through its Financial Statements, which is why it is said that they are an X-ray of the business and indicate how healthy it is.

For BMI it is very important to communicate to all our clients, intermediaries, supervisory body and any other interested party, the performance of the Insurer and the financial soundness of BMI.

Below we provide you with the Financial Statements for the periods in which we have been in operation in Costa Rica and we invite you to contact us in case you have any questions.

Capital Sufficiency Indices

The Capital Sufficiency Index (ISC) is a parameter created by the supervisory body to monitor the minimum capital that the Insurer must have to function, it seeks a reasonable level of protection to the interests of the people who trust the Insurer when purchasing an insurance product.

As the business grows and the Insurer signs new insurance policies, it is necessary to adjust the capital levels in such a way as to maintain a reasonable level of security for insurance consumers.

The BMI ISCs for the months ended are shown below.

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