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Table of Contents:


Your mind is a tool that can contribute a lot to your life if you know how to use it, but if you let it dominate you, it will not be a beneficial scenario for you. It is important to recognize the mind as an incredible instrument of our body, which we can use wisely to create projects, innovate, provide solutions, help and build the life we want.

For this reason we want to provide you with some reminders and tools so that you can take control of your mind and do not try to forcefully control it, but consciously calm it down.

  1. Do not identify with thoughts:

Your mind was made to think, so during the day you will have thousands of thoughts and when you identify with something that is not to your liking you could experience anxiety, fear, insecurity or other unwanted emotions. It is essential to know that your mind has the objective of creating thoughts and therefore you cannot identify with all of them. When you make a very significant thought, it intensifies. Your mind is a tool and it is you who uses it to your advantage.

  1. Contemplate your thoughts through meditation

Meditation is a technique that allows you to observe the thoughts that come to the surface as if they were clouds in the sky, without judging or classifying them as good or bad. Close your eyes in a quiet space and just watch the thoughts pass by as you come back to your breath, don't give importance to each thought that arises, just let it pass like a cloud and continue to focus on your breath. See how you adapt to this exercise, you can also visualize the air entering through your nostrils if you are a more visual person.

  1. You are not your mind!

As we have said before, your mind is just a tool. You are not your mind, since you are made up of several additional systems, organs and emotions. You are a complex organism and a being that chooses every day what tools work for you or not. Remember this whenever your mind is not helping you, try to return to this knowledge that you are the one who empowers it, not the other way around.

The functioning of the mind is incredible and you can achieve incredible results in your life by knowing how to use it in your favor. Remember that your mind is like a car, you are in control, direct it where you want to go and brake when you no longer want to be active. Empower your mind with these tips and you will see how your life gradually becomes full of peace, tranquility and, above all, well-being.

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