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Ekos recognized the Power Digital Brands

Means, medium: Ekos Magazine
October 27, 2021

Top most remembered brands in Ecuador

Means, medium: Glance
10 July 2021

Insurance market in Ecuador shows strong dynamism in recent years

Means, medium: America and Economy
June 8, 2021

The Open House BMI 2019 reinvents the health industry in Ecuador

Means, medium: Ekos Magazine
21 October 2019

BMI improves its service proposal

Means, medium: Ekos Magazine
13 August 2019

BMI held its first Open House

Means, medium: Ekos Magazine
27 September 2018

BMI among the fastest growing companies in the country.

Means, medium: Ekos Magazine
May 9, 2018

Top 5 Insurers – Life Insurance (SUPERCÍAS 2017 Data)

Means, medium: Mancheno Group
1 January 2018

BMI invests in the development of the skills of its employees.

Means, medium: MakroDigital
1 January 2016