BMI Access – Ecuador

BMI Access

Exclusive attention, difference and personalized in a single call

BMI Access is a program that provides excellent benefits for all of our health policyholders.

With just one call to the Service Center, you will be immediately assigned a Medical Coordinator who will provide you with 24/7 supervision and assistance. This coordinator will be your guide and sole contact to coordinate any benefits of the program that you require.

This service is available at no additional cost




In the event of an illness or important health condition, this benefit offers the insured a second medical opinion that will help confirm the original diagnosis or the treatment proposed by the treating physician.

Each case will be reviewed by the best doctors electronically and under a network of the best hospitals in the United States. which includes more than 20,500 specialists.


It has the advice of the most appropriate specialists to coordinate your medical appointments in the city of your choice in the United States.

In addition, you will receive the best post-appointment follow-up.


This service provides you with advice on selecting the most appropriate hospital center for your medical condition.

Additionally, it offers you the coordination of procedures and requirements for hospital admission or discharge.


In case of planned admission to a hospital center or if you have medical appointments in the United States, the transfer of the insured from/to the airport, the place of accommodation and the medical centers for treatment will be coordinated.


If you require emergency medical treatment and it is not available where you are, airlift to the nearest medical facility will be arranged.

Additionally, this benefit provides assistance in the medical coordination or repatriation of mortal remains to your country of residence.


u and your whole family can enjoy excellent discounts on prescription drugs in the United States.

We have the largest provider network in the country with more than 69,000 pharmacies.

We also help to obtain the medicines that the insured person needs when he is not in his country of residence and we send him to his home


Coordination of the stay of the insured and their companions in hotels or apartments near the selected hospital during their treatment in the United States.


It offers the coordination of special requirements during the insured's stay in the United States.

- Recovery equipment (wheelchairs, post-surgical bed, portable oxygen, crutches or vaporizer)
- Special care such as nursing or physical therapy at home.
- Other services such as car reservation, or cell phone rental.
- In addition, the coordination of routine exams anywhere in the world.


Count on the advice of receiving medical treatment in alternative countries to the United States and choose among the best medical centers and specialists in Latin America according to your health condition.

Medical Passport is synonymous with quality medical care abroad, in hospital centers of excellence and high-level specialists


It is a telehealth service, which provides access to a network of certified doctors via video call to diagnose medical conditions, provide treatment plans and prescribe medications if necessary.

This service allows you to save medical expenses and helps you prevent unnecessary visits to medical centers. Here you can treat ailments such as:

- allergies, conjunctivitis, arthritic pain, headache, minor rashes, fever, gastroenteritis, urine infections, ear infections, respiratory infections, laryngitis, cold/flu, sinusitis and more!