Benefits of a second medical opinion in health insurance


Benefits of a second medical opinion in health insurance

Is it advisable to ask for a second medical opinion after receiving a first diagnosis? Yes, a second professional can help with decision making. Next, we detail its importance and benefits ...
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What is the second medical opinion?

The second medical opinion It is a guarantee that provides you with multiple advantages when facing an illness. It is basically a second diagnosis that is requested from another health professional. Thus, after a first medical evaluation or treatment proposal, the patient will, thanks to this second report; make the necessary decisions about treatments, medical centers in which to perform them, etc.

When does it apply to request a second medical opinion?

  • When the disease the patient faces puts his quality of life at risk and in all those cases in which he has been evicted.
  • When faced with a disease that is difficult to diagnose and the treatment to be followed indicates that it is necessary to consult the opinion of a specialist; that thanks to his experience and knowledge he can give greater confidence to the patient and his family doctor.
  • The moment the doctor or patient has doubts and one of them wants a second opinion.
  • When you are prescribed medications that have serious side effects
  • When operation is recommended.
  • And sometimes, you have to go to another doctor if you haven't been diagnosed with anything.
Segunda Opinión Médica
Second Medical Opinion

What is the importance of a second medical opinion?

Diseases are generally the result of the conjunction of many factors. Likewise, the correct diagnosis of a serious disease can be a complex process, which may require a multidisciplinary approach. The slightest misinterpretation of any component of medical information can lead to a mistake in diagnosis and treatment plan; This is when a second medical opinion is of vital importance.

The importance of a second medical opinion is that two independent professionals reach the same conclusion.

This helps the patient and his family in making decisions regarding treatment, especially if it is a surgical intervention. Likewise, the main function of a second medical opinion is to complement the assistance of health professionals, whether they belong to the public or private sector. In the event that there is dissatisfaction with the first professional, in the face of unresolved doubts or disagreements in the way of acting of the doctor.

On the other hand, asking for a second medical opinion can help to obtain a more accurate diagnosis, opt for less radical or invasive treatments, as well as reduce the anxiety of the patient and their families, increase their confidence in the new medical professional, which has great benefits on a psychological level.

La Segunda Opinión Médica ayuda a una mejor toma de decisiones
The Second Medical Opinion helps better decision making

A second medical opinion increases the chances that the final decision will be made right. In addition to offering security to the patient and their families.

In practice, it has been proven that the second medical opinion has benefits for the patient both from the psychological point of view, as well as for the diagnosis and the choice of less aggressive treatments, as mentioned above. In this way, the process for both the patient and the family is better accepted.

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