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People with disabilities represent the most affected minority globally, therefore, it is necessary to undertake a work of uninterrupted integration. The collective conscience, socially responsible companies and government initiatives must be aligned to form an inclusive society capable of breaking down the barriers that restrict their full and active participation in their environment.

First of all, we must understand that disability is no longer defined as a question of health or rehabilitation, but of Human Rights, only under this perspective will we be able to develop a process of social inclusion that respects the dignity of individuals.

Individually we can contribute a lot to generate this change by correcting basic details in our behavior:

  • Prejudices are the most common obstacle, so avoid making assumptions about their condition. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where it seems that a person needs help, before trying to support them ask if they need you, since on many occasions they prefer to carry out certain activities on their own, this is a way of respecting their individuality.
  • Avoid acting condescendingly and expressing excessive compassion, behaving naturally will offer a feeling of equality and respect.
  • Language is another fundamental factor to strengthen equity, you must be aware of inclusive terminology at all times. These are 3 examples of concepts that we must understand in a new way:
  1. Disabled: This term suggests that disability is part of your definition as a human being and it is not.
  2. The diminutives like "sordito", "cieguito", are considered euphemisms, that is to say that it wanted to substitute a word with a negative or bad taste connotation.
  3. Sick: disability is not a disease, it is a situation that can disappear by eliminating certain barriers in our environment.

Since the proclamation of this international day in 1992 by the United Nations (UN), more and more initiatives have been formed to achieve the following fundamental objectives such as universal accessibility, equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination.

BMI joins the awareness campaigns on people with disabilities, as we firmly believe that together we can help form a new, more inclusive society.

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