Find out how to invest your thirteenth in the best way


Find out how to invest your thirteenth in the best way

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 How to invest your thirteenth in the best way

December 9, 2015

For many Ecuadorians, the thirteenth is usually one of the most expected “extra” income during the year, as it is an amount equivalent to a salary and because it also becomes an excellent opportunity to benefit the family in different areas. Given this scenario, we recommend some useful investment options.

Life and health insurances

Juan Carlos Chávez, Executive President of BMI Ecuador recommends that one of the best ways to invest and diversify this extra payment is in the choice of insurance, either health or life, depending on the need of each person . Today, a large number of people invest 15% of their income in these types of benefits.

"There are life policies that have a guaranteed minimum rate, which only require small payments", Chávez declares. This type of life insurance gives you the option to protect and give security to your family, while allowing you to save with a fixed return or through investment funds, he adds.

“In addition to life insurance; BMI has a portfolio of local and international health insurance plans; Each product is designed to meet specific needs, for example the plan  Series 3000, is a sophisticated option, which offers a worldwide coverage to the 100% without limits of coverage and unique benefits, also the Infinity plan offers local coverage, free choice of medical provider in Ecuador, a complete package of maternity benefits aimed at protecting day-to-day medical expenses, says the executive.

Outstanding debts

Before thinking about gifts and trips, another option for the correct use of the thirteenth is to check if we have any outstanding debt, especially if it is due to the use of credit cards, which, because they are short-term, can end up doubling if they are not paid. on time. Paying our debts on time does not take a burden off our shoulders for the end of the year celebrations.

Educational plan for your children

Similar to a pension plan, an educational plan is designed with the specific purpose of ensuring future availability of funds, so that our children or other relatives can cover the ever-increasing costs of tuition and accommodation related to their studies aimed at preparing for to practice a profession. "This benefit is particularly important considering the current evolution of the labor market, which increasingly requires a significant degree of preparation," says Chávez.

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