Women who have contributed to the growth of the insurance market in Latin America


Women who have contributed to the growth of the insurance market in Latin America

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The history of BMI has been accompanied by many success stories and in this long journey of 50 years, dozens of women have made a transcendental contribution. In this month of March, International Women's Day is celebrated, we want to do a little recognition to some of them.

On this occasion we share a profile of six collaborators who from the different regional offices in Latin America have managed to develop personally and professionally, have contributed to the growth of the industry in their countries and have been able to combine challenging roles such as being mothers, teachers, department leaders and students in a market that changes, reinvents itself and must have creative and innovative women like them.

Alina Morales/ International Health Manager
BMI Dominican Republic

Alina has dedicated the last 40 years to the world of insurance, starting as an administrative assistant in one of the reinsurers in the Dominican Republic. During this journey, he has seen profound and challenging changes in the insurance market in his country and this has represented an important challenge for his personal and professional growth, but it has also helped him break paradigms and adapt to new times and market demands.

He assures that one of the greatest contributions to the world of insurance in his country has been being able to transmit his legacy to the new generations. Contribution that has been from his work at the business level at BMI, but also from the classrooms where he has taught the noble profession of teaching, providing all the knowledge and baggage of so many years of experience.

His contribution to BMI has been to develop and consolidate the operation for the management of health policies in the Dominican Republic, maintaining the objectives of the Headquarters and ensuring the full satisfaction of the service received by our policyholders.

María Espinosa/ Operations Manager
BMI Ecuador

Maria has a background of 43 years in the industry, she started right after she became a mother. At that time, she decided to work to generate her own income and applied for a position in a company where she was selected for the corporate insurance area.

In this long journey, he has seen the transformation of the industry and remembers with amazement that at the beginning of his career everything was done manually, he even got to work with typewriters. Technological advancement has been his main challenge because he has had to learn certain skills to stand out and earn the respect of his peers and colleagues.

Its main contribution to the industry is having pioneered the opening of several insurance companies in the city of Guayaquil, including BMI. However, being an industry dominated by men, she has had to make an effort to demonstrate that as a woman she has the ability to meet and meet the demands of her position.

¨Having worked in several health insurance and/or prepaid medicine companies such as: Seguros Equinoccial, Salud S.A, Equivida and BMI where I currently work for more than 24 years, has allowed me to acquire knowledge, experience and, of course, a focus of service, which has been very useful”, he tells us.

He has been part of the BMI family since 1998 when he joined the Guayaquil office as Operations Manager. In this long journey he has had to face many complex situations from which he has emerged resilient and successful. Today he is proud to grow together with the company and be part of the recognition that the insurance market has at a local and international level.

Karen Michell/Product Development and Pricing
BMI Headquarters

Karen has 38 years of experience in the insurance market and her career began in 1985 when she joined the team of the company's medical expenses insurance division, which at that time was known by the initials of IMU. He was part of the group of analysts and evaluators of requests for medical expenses products.

The almost four decades of experience have not been an easy path due to the challenges it has faced. According to her, her greatest challenge has been to maintain a balance between the expectations of the client, who expects an excellent level of coverage, and the company's objectives of continuing to be a leading company, but also focused on quality, efficiency, and solidity.

His greatest contribution to BMI has been the creation of attractive products to offer the best and most complete protection to the families of our policyholders around the world, but also his loyalty, professionalism, dedication and constant creativity that has been fundamental in the growth of the portfolio of services of the health division and the company in general.

Sucely Estrada/ Head of New Individual Businesses
BMI Guatemala

Sucely is a clear example of perseverance, she started as a receptionist for BMI Guatemala 8 years ago and today she is Head of New Individual Businesses. After a couple of years in the company, he had the opportunity to be an assistant in the area that he currently coordinates. “It was a totally different position from the one I had been doing, but I loved the challenge and I took it on because I have always been a person who likes to learn and set new goals” ensures

She was in the receptionist position for two years until she was appointed as Head of New Individual Businesses. The path has meant a professional challenge, although the biggest one was finding a balance between the multiple functions as mother, wife, executive and at the same time a student.

"As women we can always achieve what we set out to do, I encourage you to achieve your goals, even if sometimes there is failure, you have to see it as the perfect opportunity to learn and move on." Advise.

During his career at BMI, he has tried to always be at the forefront, comply with the projects assigned to him, and provide the best service to our clients. Likewise, she has put all her efforts into being a good leader with her team, the agents and the internal staff of BMI Guatemala, maintaining a balance between her personal and professional life.

Sandra Díaz/Director of Operations
BMI Insurance Colombia

BMI has managed to respond successfully to the exponential growth of the Colombian insurance market thanks to the contribution of Sandra Díaz. For many years, she has managed to perform with tenacity and creativity, providing the best service to the company's clients as Director of Operations.

The office in Colombia began operations five years ago and of that total, for three consecutive years it has contributed significantly to the consolidation and improvement of operating processes, focusing its talent on the development of efficient operating models and a significant focus on reducing costs. response times for our customers.

I believe that my greatest contribution has been to be willing to provide solutions and build a good team together with my colleagues so that we can grow as a family”, comment firmly. 

He says he is happy to work for BMI because he doesn't feel any difference being in a leadership position. On the contrary, she highlights the backing of her bosses who have always supported her skills and have given her support, especially now that she has become a mother and is experiencing her motherhood to the full.

Jenifer Gutiérrez/ Head of New Individual Businesses
BMI Costa Rica

His entry into the world of insurance was by chance because he was just finishing his university degree when the regional office in Costa Rica was opened and he had the opportunity to join the company ten years ago.

She started in the reception area where she collaborated with different departments, but her availability to work opened doors for her and, little by little, she rose to become Head of New Individual Businesses.  

He assures that the road has been difficult because he has faced many challenges in which he has had to demonstrate his ability to assume complex tasks and responsibilities, but he has fulfilled them with complete success.

¨It has been a path of many experiences, I have learned a lot, I have studied and I have prepared myself a lot in this area. I have had to fight with different obstacles that have been presented, but the progress has been very satisfactory and extensive¨ he assures.

The contribution to BMI has been his availability, commitment and effort with which he works with his team every day so that the company continues to develop and can meet its objectives.

The gratitude can transformr common days and the celebration of International Women's Day is an opportune moment to thank each of our collaborators who every day provide a great contribution so that BMI is a solid company, with a track record of 50 years and with a clear vision of inclusion and respect.

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