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Life after life?

Table of Contents:

Life after life?

What happens after we die? Where, if we are going somewhere? How will it be, what colors, what appearance will we have, can we choose? I imagine that the list of questions people ask about what happens after we leave the world of the living is much longer. But that answer that refers to a world or a spiritual environment is not the one I want to address, in fact I think that religions have already taken enough care of the subject and have definitely dedicated hundreds of years to address those concerns.

What I mean by life after life is what happens in our own environment right here on earth when we cease to exist, what happens to our family? Our partners, children and even our parents must continue their lives, attending to their needs, some as basic as food, clothing, health and education, and others more complex that are related to the way we are used to living or enjoying. of life, those that some call acquired needs.

It is in this life after life that the fathers and mothers of the family or any person responsible for generating the income that allows meeting those needs are basic or acquired they must think. And it is that even the jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricle, that marine organism capable of regenerating to live eternally is not guaranteed its existence since any accident could truncate its life and therefore the ability to rejuvenate itself, so that our existence is not guaranteed and, if we judge by the news that we see all the days, there are situations that we cannot avoid even taking the greatest precautions. It is enough to see a chapter of "Thousand Ways to Die" (A Thousand Ways to Die) to realize how fragile our existence can be and the absurdity of situations that have resulted in the death of the protagonists.

As providers of family wealth, fathers and mothers must recognize their responsibility to guarantee their level and quality of life to those who succeed them. After all, they have been the ones who have taught them to live with certain, or with many, comforts and certainly assuming the most basic needs as resolved forever.

Obviously during the course of life, a heritage accumulates whose purpose should be to allow ourselves to live comfortably from the moment we decide to stop or reduce our work activity. This heritage could be used to maintain that standard of living to which we have become accustomed to ours, the issue is that we must ask ourselves: will it be enough?

The answer to that question is relatively straightforward, and there are simple ways to get there. An easy way would be to estimate the number of years that we would like the income that would cease to occur upon my death to be available, this multiplied by the amount of income would establish a starting point, to this we would have to add short and long-term debts such as credits for the purchase of cars, credit cards or mortgages. The resulting amount must be subtracted savings and liquid investments and all assets that can or that we want to be converted into cash to maintain the standard of living of our relatives or dependents. In most cases we find that there is a gap between the sources of cash and the real need and it is here that we find the value of Income Insurance, perhaps better known as Life Insurance.

Currently, thanks to the presence of companies such as Best Meridian Insurance (BMI) and its subsidiaries in Latin America, parents have excellent solutions that allow them to close that gap between savings and needs in the face of fortuitous events such as the early death of some of them. Through its Heritage Preservation Advisors, comprehensive solutions are designed to mitigate the impact of catastrophic events on the continuation of life after our lives. BMI's experience of more than 40 years serving responsible parents throughout the region has allowed it to structure a menu of additional benefits that make it very efficient and accessible to achieve the peace of mind of knowing that those we leave behind can continue to enjoy those things that at some point they will have enjoyed with us. One piece of advice, we must give this issue the urgency it deserves, all we know today is that we are alive and we do not know until when, what we do know is that there is definitely life after ours. 

Hubert J. Weichselbaumer

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