Importance of health insurance

The health and well-being of our loved ones is the most important thing and health insurance is the best protection instrument
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The health and well-being of our loved ones are more important today than ever, so taking care of them has become a priority for everyone and having health insurance is essential.
Although you cannot predict the future, an accident or the appearance of any illness, you can be prepared, take the necessary measures and thus guarantee your medical care and that of those you love the most, as well as maintain your level of income and style. life in the face of any eventuality.

Important recommendations to take into account when hiring health insurance.

We share some recommendations to take into account to choose the health insurance plan that suits your needs:

• Analyze the options presented by the market.

• When comparing the options, you must take into account the insured amount, deductible, coverage and exclusions.

• You must be clear about the events that would not be covered by the policy to avoid inconveniences at the time of an accident.

• The network of medical centers, hospitals, doctors, specialists, laboratories, pharmacies, etc., is of vital importance to ensure prompt and timely quality care.

• Having additional benefits adds great value to your policy, since through these, you will be able to access a series of services and discounts, which open the door to a world of options such as telemedicine, mobile applications (immediacy and accessibility) and a range of providers through the MAS card that include discounts on glasses, special beauty packages, funeral services, discounts at pharmacies, gyms and much more.

• If you have doubts about the offer presented by your insurance advisor, you can contact the insurer directly and thus validate the information.

• Verify that both the insurance company and the advisor are duly authorized to offer and market this type of insurance before the General Superintendence of Insurance to operate in Costa Rica.

Advantages of contracting health insurance in Costa Rica.

Through your health insurance you can opt for immediate medical attention, without waiting lists, hospitalization in a private room, personalized attention, access to prestigious hospital centers and specialists, international coverage, telemedicine, and the possibility of a second medical opinion.

Health insurance works like a contract in which we, as an insurer, in exchange for an economic benefit called a "premium", take care of the damages and effects caused to an insured person, whether due to an accident or illness. This in order to reduce a possible economic loss to the insured.

Additionally, it's important to review your health insurance needs regularly to make sure your policy keeps up with changes in your life, which can impact the level of coverage you may need. Depending on the changes that have occurred, you may need to reassess your coverage needs.

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