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BMI awarded in the awards for excellence at the 10th Insurance Congress

The 10th Insurance Congress organized by the CIS took place on June 8 and 9. This initiative aims to encourage insurers to be better every day.

Table of Contents:

The 10th Insurance Congress is held once a year and brings together the region's main insurance representatives and leading providers of business-related services. It is an opportunity to have that approach with all the commercial partners and referents of the market. The congress was held in a hybrid format with some of the participants in person and another part virtually, giving the opportunity to reach more people who participated and learned from the different topics that were addressed. It was attended by a total of 400 people.

Within the framework of the 10th Insurance Congress, BMI Costa Rica was awarded second place in the Awards for Excellence in Personal Insurance. Said recognition is granted by the Chamber of Insurance Intermediaries of Costa Rica, which is a non-profit association that brings together the main Insurance Agencies and Brokerage Companies in the country.

The awards for excellence in insurance are a CIS initiative whose objective is to motivate insurers to improve the service provided to intermediaries every day. The evaluation is carried out by the 100% of the affiliated Brokerage Companies.

Evaluated aspects

One of the aspects that are taken into account to carry out the awards are the service provided by insurers, as well as the issue of adaptation to change with the work carried out by the company in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 

It is important to mention that this is the factor that has more weight within the entire evaluation since it is equivalent to a 70% of the total, some of the variables that are evaluated by means of a survey are:

  1. Processes and facilities for issuance, renewal and compensation
  2. Consumer attention
  3. Development of digital platforms and product innovation
  4. Broker role value
  5. resilience capacity

The other aspects that are taken into consideration are the participation and growth of the insurance market based on the data published by SUGESE.

The Excellence Awards define a first, second and third place in the categories of insurance: general, personal and auto. The winners are defined by adding the score obtained in each of the evaluated aspects.

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