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Voces Vitales and BMI united for the well-being of women.

Voces Vitales and BMI united for the well-being of women in the IX Golf Tournament, to promote the empowerment of 300 women in Costa Rica

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Vital Voices is a non-profit organization, it is an initiative of the former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, with representation in 146 countries, reaching more than 14,000 women under the global motto: "Investing in women transforms the world".

Vital Voices Costa Rica accompanies women to unleash their leadership potential to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. They support public and private organizations interested in raising awareness and training on the value of promoting female leadership. To hold these events and create these spaces, they depend on the contributions of conscientious people and companies, willing to walk the path and promote the integral fulfillment of women, to positively impact their families, jobs and communities.

IX Vital Voices Golf Tournament

BMI on this occasion had the opportunity to participate as a sponsor in the Golf Tournament for the benefit of Vital Voices Costa Rica to promote the empowerment of 300 women and young people in different social organizations and in different communities throughout the country.

The event was held at the Escazú Country Club and was attended by 50 players, 25 men and 25 women. In addition to having a brand presence on the welcome arch site, awnings, social networks, videos, press management and a stand where they interacted with the players and companions to the tournament, in addition to sharing a lunch where the winners were announced. , different raffles and dynamics were held with all the participants and sponsors.

Thank you Vital Voices for supporting the growth, empowerment and transformation of women across the country.

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