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BMI supports the Nursing Home of San Miguel de Desamparados

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BMI starts 2023 on the right foot by delivering an important donation of vital implements and daily use to the San Miguel Arcangel nursing home. This center is a shelter that provides comprehensive care for the elderly and where food, personal care assistance, medical care, and nursing are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Its main mission is to provide support, accompaniment and a better quality of life to older adults in this last stage of life, because many of them are in the terminal phase of some diseases.

The donation was made on Friday, January 13 at the nursing home facilities. Some collaborators of the BMI Costa Rica company made the delivery and also had the opportunity to share with all the people who inhabit said center: nurses, administrative personnel and those in charge of the Board of Directors.
Part of the donated supplies were: gloves, creams, wet wipes and diapers, the latter of great help because in recent months the country has suffered a significant shortage of this product, which is of vital use for the 90% of the household population of elderly.

The meeting was an afternoon full of games, karaoke and dynamics. Likewise, there were some surprises such as the presence of a mariachi group that came to liven up the afternoon and cheer up the older adults of the place who greatly enjoyed this type of music.
From BMI we invite you to be part of a Social Responsibility event, there are many movements that exist around the world. Your grain of sand can change the lives of others, give great opportunities to those most in need and give back a little good to society.

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