Cuenca, in constant training


Cuenca, in constant training

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We are located in Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos to carry out the relaunch event of our BMI Unique products, in which we have the assistance of 60 brokers from the cities of Cuenca and Loja and we were also accompanied by collaborators from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

During the event, all the guests were received, there was a lobbying, in which the agents were able to talk, while the moment was enlivened with the harp musical presentation. Starting at 8:00 p.m., the event began with a warm welcome from Ana María Vallejo, Cuenca Manager, who thanked those present for sharing three years with the BMI brand.

Wilson Hidalgo, Commercial Manager of Guayaquil, highlighted the importance of having an international medical assistance policy, emphasizing the high costs that can arise due to unforeseen health events, to which we are all exposed. By having support inside and outside the country, people are protected at all times and will have at their disposal a wide medical network with high-level specialists, through the following plans:

  • Series 3000 (In force since 2007): Coverage to 100%.
  • Azure Plan (Valid since 2009): Coverage 5 million.
  • Meridian II (In force since 2011): Coverage 7 million.
  • Ideal Plan (In force since 2015): Coverage $2 million.
  • Support Plan (Valid from 2021): Coverage $500,000.

The event ended with a few words of encouragement from Daniel Fernández, Branch Manager, to the strategic partners, highlighting the importance of conveying what BMI means, which is to provide peace of mind to customers. Next, a cocktail party began, where the brokers they were able to share their experiences, and comment on the benefits of BMI Unique products.

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