Exclusivity with BMI Unique


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Exclusivity with BMI Unique

Table of Contents:

We think of exclusive experiences and that is why we created BMI Unique, in order to provide high-quality health benefits to our clients. Now they will be able to access the best hospitals and specialists worldwide, which will allow them to feel protected anywhere in the world, such as in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Our mission is to enhance your wellness experience with all of our individual and corporate plans, each one aligned to your needs. Feeling internationally protected against unforeseen accidents or illnesses is vital and even better with an exclusive service like Unique that offers high quality standards and guarantees peace of mind for its customers. For this reason, we created a series of benefits that are part of Unique and we tell you about them here:

  • Global coverage: We have carefully selected providers globally and have our network administrator in the United States Global Reach Health to provide our customers with quality care and services.
  • Travel Assistance: Coverage for emergencies and medical emergencies is 100%, if this happens outside the country of residence.
  • Medical repatriation: We help in the transfer of our clients to their country of origin to receive the appropriate treatment and care.
  • Return of minors: We assist in the transfer of minors who are with the injured or sick person, to their country of residence.
  • Air ambulance: If our client requires emergency treatment and there is no place available, we coordinate the transfer to the nearest medical center.
  • Stay and travel for a companion: We take care of providing a stay for the companion along with mobilization within the country where the accident has occurred.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains: We are with our clients in the most difficult moments, we help in the transfer of the mortal remains of the deceased person to their country of origin

Additionally, we have BMI Access that allows our clients free access to speak with a medical coordinator who will provide assistance and supervision 24/7 to manage any of the benefits of the chosen plan.

We ensure the tranquility of our clients and accompany them worldwide, which allows them to feel supported in each trip, business meeting and adventure.

BMI Unique is World!

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