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The skin is the largest organ of the human body and when summer arrives it requires special care to avoid burns and dryness. On these hot days it is very common for people to go outdoors and be exposed to the sun's rays for long hours. This means that the skin is vulnerable to the environment and a specific facial care routine must be maintained.

For this reason, it is recommended to keep the skin nourished, hydrated and protected at all times. Follow the following key tips to take care of yourself and your family:

  • Maintain a cleaning routine: At this time of year, sweating becomes more intense due to the high temperatures and if daily cleaning is not maintained, the pores can become clogged and form substances that are harmful to the skin, especially if you travel to the coast. We recommend cleaning it with liquid or gel soap every night to encourage oxygenation during these hours of rest. Additionally, apply exfoliant 2 times a week to stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Natural sun protection: To protect your skin from UV rays, we recommend doing it with natural products that contain physical or mineral filters that form a protective layer to prevent their penetration. Many sunscreens contain chemical filters that enter your body directly, creating long-term problems. For this reason choose a natural sunscreen.
  • Hydration: The skin can become dry in dry climates such as those in the mountains and it is necessary to keep it hydrated after being exposed to the sun. The fundamental thing is to hydrate with plenty of water during the day and apply natural components to keep the skin nourished. These components can be:
    • calendula oil
    • aloe vera
    • Avocado oil
    Apply them at the end of the day just before going to sleep. You will wake up with radiant and smooth skin.
  • Feeding: Food is a fundamental part of skin care and you should consume foods that contribute to your health. The best foods to take care of it are:
    • Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apricots
    • Fatty fish like salmon
    • Walnuts
    • Green leafy vegetables like spinach
    • Tomatoes

The well-being of your skin is essential to enjoy the summer and above all to stay healthy inside and out. Follow these vital tips to take care of yourself and your family this time of year.

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