Mayo Clinic: a space for health education, research and treatment


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Mayo Clinic: a space for health education, research and treatment

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When talking about specialized institutes in the study and treatment of certain pathologies in the world, it is inevitable to refer to Mayo Clinic. This is one of the most prestigious health centers on the planet. Hundreds of people travel daily from different countries to its facilities to be attended by the best professionals in the area.

The headquarters of this clinic is located in Rochester, Minnesota, in the United States. However, it has four more campuses located between Florida and Phoenix. In its dependencies, medical practices are carried out, as well as research and teaching programs for new healers. 

Between the specialist doctors and the support staff of the institution, there are almost 60,000 people with the best training standard, who are prepared to resolve even cases that do not seem to have an answer or a cure. 

The first years of the institution

The Mayo Clinic was founded in 1889 by Dr. William Worral Mayo, who, together with his sons, had the initiative to build a great center for the study, research and practice of medicine. 

After 20 years, the founders of this institution created a company of owners, and went from providing a private service to becoming a non-profit company that serves low-income people. 

In these early years of operation, the Mayo Clinic became the University of Minnesota Medical School and its main faculty representative was its founder, Worral Mayo. 

Since then, Mayo Clinic has established itself as one of the world's leading care centers. It was even recognized as the best gastroneterology and gynecology hospital in the United States for the period 2019-2020, by the US News and World Report. 

A care center for humanity

Among the main premises of Mayo Clinic is the need to serve others as a main value. This has resulted in thousands of people around North America joining this organization as volunteers. These are dedicated for several hours a day to attend to patients like any other healer. 

Many of these are medical enthusiasts who find Mayo Clinic an opportunity to get closer to the study of medicine. Since this institution also has state-of-the-art laboratories for new research. 

This hospital has been setting the standard in world medicine by constantly producing essays and magazines in which research findings are revealed. These are used in the great medical schools of the world to guide the training process of their students.

In addition, this institution has the characteristic that it is one of the first institutes specialized in gastroenterology and gynecology. Both its equipment and its surgical methods mean that millions of patients are transferred to its facilities to treat their illnesses in these specialties. 

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