Tips for returning to online classes


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Tips for returning to online classes

Table of Contents:

Since March of this year, our daily activities have had to adapt, after the COVID 19 pandemic our homes have been transformed into: workplaces, online schools for our children, we have even set up spaces to play sports without leaving home. Digital platforms have allowed us to work and stay close to other people.

For parents, quarantine has been a great challenge with many learnings since they have had to organize their days between family, professional and household activities. Surely many are still searching for the magic formula, which is why we present some tips for children going back to school that will surely be very useful:

  • Choose an ideal space: An illuminated and quiet area will favor the concentration of the little ones.
  • Keep a schedule and routines: Wake them up at the same time, set a time for each meal, and prepare them for virtual classes, just like when they attended face-to-face classes, this will help prepare their minds to focus during classes.
  • If your child has attention problems: It regulates the rest schedule, the food and if it is being hydrated enough. Tiredness and excess sugar can cause anxiety in children, making it more difficult to pay attention to their virtual classes.
  • Encourage them to actively participate during classes: Being active in your study group will keep you in touch with your peers.
  • Lean on technology for homework questions: In search engines like Google, you will always find information in different formats: consultation blogs, virtual libraries, support groups and explanatory videos with all the information you need, find the one that best suits your needs and learn from your child
  • Activate them: During virtual classes they will spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, when their classes are over, teach them how to do an easy-to-remember stretch and breathing exercises that help reduce stress.

Remember! each child is different in their learning process, so it is important that you be empathic, and help them give their best in this new way of working so they will feel motivated. This new school year will bring challenges for both children and parents, but it's important to stay positive.

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