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When a new year begins, it is normal to always look to the future, be it because we want to change our lifestyle habits in search of better health or simply by awareness. Thus, it is clear that setting goals or objectives in the short and medium term is an innate matter in every individual simply because of a need to constantly improve himself.

When it comes to setting clear objectives in a certain period of time, it should be noted that motivation plays a preponderant role in order to maintain the will to meet them, as time passes. The reality is that, generally, everyday life works against us, be it due to the work, social or family environment, which sometimes pushes us not to maintain a specific line of behavior.

First of all, it is relevant to clarify that the opportunity to take a break to think in detail about our life and be able to perceive from a third-person perspective, is an exercise from which many ideas and aspects to improve are born. One point is clear, and it is that, instead of being overwhelmed, it is necessary to focus on the most important issues to be able to carry them out without difficulty.

It is important to take into account this series of tips:

- Start a new project: be it a course or workshop on something that you have always been interested in learning or, failing that, a new routine of any kind. It is proven that breaking with the routine has good results to achieve a state of motivation in the face of obtaining objectives.

- Be optimistic without losing your sense of realism: being hard on yourself or too strict never works. There are countless examples in this regard that do not support it as a plausible method; It is important that you be optimistic towards your goals, however, always be clear about what is possible.

- Keep a record of all your progress: however minimal it may be, it is essential that you spend some time creating a diagram where you pour all the information about your goals as well as the way in which your progress is reflected in your daily life.

Remember, the change depends on you, but also on the environment that you build yourself to make your way easier.

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