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We live in a world where everything happens in an accelerated time parameter; Thus, in any discipline, new forms of execution are constantly coming to light. It is important to point out that as the years go by, research has been sought on new ways of seeking an increasingly healthy lifestyle, be it from the intake of foods and beverages with beneficial properties for the body, as well as new ways of exercising , with better tangible results.

One of the new trends that has become popular in recent times is the fact of performing certain cardio exercises in or under water.

Anyone could say: “Swimming as a sport is nothing new”. However, it is another type of exercise, which is proven to help burn calories much faster than conventional cardiovascular physical activity. With this, it is clear that we are not referring to swimming or anything similar, but to a series of stretches with repetitions whose results are admirable both in terms of the line and the strengthening of the muscles and physical condition.

Remember that, as in any sports discipline, it is imperative to stretch and warm up before starting any exercise, especially if our body is not used to it. Next, we share a list of exercises that you can easily do in a pool and that can help you exercise in a better way.

1.- Tick-toc jump: this exercise consists of, once in the pool, on the shore jumping quickly from one side to the other with the legs and feet together. Doing repetitions of 15 jumps is what is suggested and then take a short break.

2.- Pendulum: this method begins by grasping the edge of the pool with your hands, and letting the body float face up. Once in this position, begin to kick your legs at a constant speed for three minutes.

3.- Trot in the same place: basically it is to be on the edge of the pool, and begin to simulate as if you were jogging without leaving your place. Do this for two minutes and then take a break.

Remember that all these exercises will help you burn fat much faster. Learn more methods of physical activity in the water, here.

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