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Table of Contents:

We have as a wish each year that begins, to be able to start it with a significant change in our lives, but part of the reason why we are not able to bring those wishes to fruition in our lives is because many times we do not know what the starting point could be and they continue to expand with the events of day to day.

At BMI we want this year to be different, so we share with you 4 easy and effective tips to achieve your goals.

Leaving bad habits behind and acquiring healthier ones, saving and traveling, or paying more attention to your spiritual part, are some of the most frequent resolutions that are longed for every beginning of the year. However, most people give up at the beginning of the journey, something that should not cause discomfort, transforming requires more than good wishes, it takes will and adapting takes time, so adopt to patience, perseverance as your best allies and take note of the following tips.

1 - Remember, having many purposes disperses your attention and energy, it is better to establish 3 that are very specific, in this way you will be able to easily notice the progress and reduce the chances of feeling frustrated in case your process is a bit slow. It is important that you stay focused 365 days a year, dedicate time each day to analyze your performance.

2 - Set short and medium term goals. Small progress is extremely important if we take into account that many people tend to abandon their purposes because their goals seem unattainable. So do not wait until your goal is met, celebrate your successes, for each advance award yourself a prize that encourages you to continue with enthusiasm.

3 - Seek support, be it from your best friend, partner, siblings or even your parents, having an emotional and also critical support to accompany you on this path will help you maintain your commitment to the objectives.

4- Focus on the present and give priority to the things you can do today, get more involved day by day and discover how to align your decisions and thoughts with your goals. Do not wear yourself out assuming things, doubting yourself or thinking negatively, take advantage of your time, the results will be visible at the right time.

We hope that these tips will help you to make 2020 the year where all your purposes have materialized. Stay strong and motivated!

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