Approximately 70 million Latin Americans suffer from some type of disability


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Approximately 70 million Latin Americans suffer from some type of disability

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Approximately 70 million Latin Americans suffer from some type of disability

December 3, 2015

Currently, 12.5% of the population in Latin America suffers from some type of disability; which is equivalent to approximately 70 million people, according to a study by ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean). These disability problems are generated, mostly by acquired diseases, traffic accidents, work accidents and domestic violence.

Nobody is oblivious to these threats that cause suffering in people of different ages. Among the most common in Latin America are degenerative joint diseases and visual or auditory disorders; as well as diabetes, cancer, and kidney failure. For this reason, this December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is held, which promotes strengthening to create real opportunities for those affected, enhance their skills and establish their priorities, among other factors of inclusion in society.

In addition, it is extremely important to become aware that these cases can generate important expenses for which the populations of Latin America are not yet prepared, so it is essential to know the disability insurance options, which provide the necessary protection in case of total and permanent disability, as it will be of great help to not lose financial stability and also continue with the realization of personal projects.

One of these options is provided by BMI, a leading insurer in this region, which has the first International Policy for Long-term Care and Care in Latin America, which provides the necessary resources to attend to the custody and needs of the insured in conditions of disability and dependency. . Your health policy for cases of disability is designed to meet the expenses related to the care of the sick and their medical recovery.

 “In Latin America, the cost of daily care for disability is from $30 to $150 depending on the city or country, especially for marriages, where the age factor tends to seriously affect men, at first. This type of problem destabilizes the household economy, causing a serious economic impoverishment after the first year of care, ”says Anthony Sierra, CEO of BMI Seguros. "Added to this is the fact that government plans in the different countries of the region lack support for these cases," says the executive.

However, it is important to instill foresight and protection in people with disabilities from an early age to be aware of how to face this type of adverse situation and to know that there are currently several options on the market that can be adapted to different budgets and specific requirements.

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