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The importance of approaching every aspect of daily life with a positive, cheerful and enthusiastic attitude is the first step to achieve our goals. This does not mean that achieving success is easier, but rather that we build an adequate mental state to deal with failure, generate alternatives to new problems, avoid self-sabotage, focus on the present, and even more importantly, it will allow us to enjoy the triumphs and opportunities that appear along the way, no matter how small they may seem.

It is proven that the confidence that we acquire when we are happy improves our professional performance, in addition, it prevents our immune system from becoming depressed and we are more prone to diseases.

The year is just beginning and we know that you have new projects in mind that will require a great effort to bring them to fruition, therefore, here are 3 actions to improve your mood and reduce stress:

1. Take a break outside.
Connect with nature, disconnect from email and find yourself. There is no need to go far, the simple change of environment and breathing fresh air already reduces the existing tension due to day-to-day obligations. The stillness of the open spaces will allow you to regain that much-needed patience. 

2. Exercise.
Exercise is the most popular stress reliever, releasing a large amount of endorphins that help create a positive change in mood. But remember, choose an exercise that you enjoy, since you do not need to add another commitment to your schedule, if exercising becomes a burden, in the long run the benefit of this activity is reduced. Physical fulfillment is not possible without mental well-being.

3. Stimulate your creative part.
 Cultivating your most personal tastes will keep you motivated, think about what you have always liked and that for some reason you have put aside, go back to it, or start something new, and dedicate a specific time to it. Painting, taking photos, writing or enrolling in a language course are just a few options to pamper yourself and develop yourself intellectually at the same time. Happiness is a matter of personal work, so this year choose social environments that lead you to give your best and discover the benefits of spending time taking care of your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

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