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Table of Contents:

BMI has launched the electronic BMI Access App for the exclusive BMI Access program, which provides excellent benefits to all of our health insureds, at no additional cost.

You can download this application on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or on your tablet from the App Store and / or Play Store. Once installed, simply enter your name, policy number, date of birth, as well as your email and you will have access to the excellent benefits of the program in just one click.

 When you contact the BMI Access Service Center, we immediately assign you a BMI Medical Coordinator, who will provide 24/7 supervision and assistance.

This coordinator will be your guide and sole contact for any procedure and thus make the most of all the benefits of the program:

 SAFE DIAGNOSIS: In the event of an illness or major health condition, this benefit offers you a second medical opinion to help you confirm the original diagnosis or the treatment proposed by your treating physician. Each case will be reviewed by the best physicians electronically by the World Care International organization, which includes more than 20,500 specialists and a network of the best hospitals in the United States.

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: BMI Access gives you advice to select the most appropriate specialists for your health condition, and in the city of the United States that you prefer. Additionally, it includes the coordination of medical appointments in the United States and the best post-appointment follow-up.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICE: In case of planned admission to a hospital or if you have medical appointments in the United States, we will assign you a driver to meet you at the airport, transfer you to the place of accommodation and to the hospital centers.

HOSPITAL COORDINATION: Advice for the selection of the most suitable hospital for your health condition. Additionally, it offers the coordination of the procedures and requirements for hospital admission or discharge.

EMERGENCY TRANSFER: If you require emergency medical treatment and it is not available where you are, we will coordinate the entire process of

Medical Emergency Air Transportation to the nearest medical center. Additionally, this benefit provides assistance in the coordination of a Medical Repatriation or Repatriation of Mortal Remains to your country of residence.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Receive great discounts on prescription drugs in the United States thanks to our alliance with OptumRx, which has the largest provider network in the country with more than 67,000 pharmacies. Also, you will have access to the OptumRx pharmacy search engine. Additionally, this benefit provides you with help to obtain the necessary medications for treatment when you cannot find them in your country of residence.

ACCOMMODATION SERVICES: We will coordinate your stay, short or long, including your companions, in hotels or apartments near the selected hospital during medical treatment in the United States.

SPECIAL SERVICES: We will provide you with the coordination of special requirements during your stay in the United States including: recovery equipment (wheelchair, post-surgical bed, portable oxygen, crutches, vaporizer ...), special care such as a nurse or physical therapy at home, or even car reservation or cell phone rental. We also offer you the coordination of routine exams anywhere in the world.

MEDICAL PASSPORT: It consists of giving you advice to receive medical treatment in alternative countries to the United States and choosing among the best medical centers and specialists in Latin America according to your health condition. Medical Passport is synonymous with quality medical care abroad, in hospitals of excellence, with high-level specialists, at a more accessible cost.

 Download the BMI Access application (AppStore / Google Play) today and see how quickly you can access our great program.

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