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Currently, we live in a society that has developed to grow exponentially over time; the exploitation of natural resources is a reality that we have to accept as part of human subsistence, however, it is important to structure a regulatory apparatus that prevents the generation of environmental problems.

Issues such as pollution and the indiscriminate destruction of ecosystems is a problem that we continue to deal with every day. You can generate a change in the collective consciousness of those around you and contribute to the care of mother earth.

Remember that no matter how insignificant your contribution may seem, through simple life habits they generate a chain reaction that allows you to initiate social responsibility with the environment.

It is in your hands to take care of our planet so as not to pass on problems to the new generations that could put them at risk. At BMI we are committed to the cause, so on the occasion of the celebration of Mother Earth Day, we share a series of tips that may be useful to make a difference:

  • Separate organic from inorganic waste and try not to throw it on the street.
  • Separate disposable batteries and avoid using pesticides or sprays that damage the ozone layer.
  • Allocate one day a week to use the bicycle as a means of transport to contribute to the reduction of pollution caused by cars.
  • Whenever you can, help keep your environment clean.
  • Teach the little ones to follow these habits to live in communion with nature and make the consciousness of the new generations change for the better.

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