BMI on the way to sustainability


BMI on the way to sustainability

Since 2021, BMI began a digital transformation process aimed at designing processes that will balance the dimensions that make up the ecological, economic and social sector to generate a philosophy with a sustainable seal that will optimize and reduce organizational resources.
BMI camino a la sostenibilidad
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These actions have already given results, because they are making it possible to control the use of materials and, little by little, decongest some points of its value chain, directing BMI towards processes of time reduction and self-management, even more attention has been paid to the control and management of energy use, reduction of the use of printed materials and use of paper for requests and issuance of policies.

In the same way, a mobile application for its policyholders is being developed, as well as a web portal with a redesign and improvements for all its agents. This change process is part of a holistic strategy that aims at efficiency in all areas of the company and is focused on providing customers with better service, placing them at the center of the company.

camino a la sostenibilidad

BMI is built on the foundations of responsibility and commitment to its policyholders and society in general, which is why it has always stood out as a company that focuses on innovation and puts its clients and collaborators as a priority. 

 “We decided to move in this direction because we are sure that our company could not move forward if we did not join forces to innovate, protect our planet and guarantee quality service to our policyholders and potential clients. The challenge is great, but we assume it with confidence because we will generate a positive and lasting impact”, he commented Andrew Sierra, BMI Chief Operating Officer.

The digitization of companies is the future, for this reason, BMI points out that in the new agent portal that is under construction, claims requests, inquiries, new business and all customer concerns can be managed when they have access to the web or mobile application. 

The objective is to leave behind the culture of printing papers at the time of data collection or information processing when the different departments of the company start a business relationship with customers. The first results have already been achieved because in 2022 there was a significant decrease in energy use throughout the company.

Paper production is one of the industrial activities with the greatest negative impact on the environment. Its manufacturing, distribution and consumption process involves the exploitation of natural resources that are harmful to nature. 

For her part, the mobile app Also under development will be a self-management channel that will allow users to follow up on their requests from anywhere and, from their device, they will have access to the broad portfolio of services and benefits that a BMI policyholder receives.

Among the specific examples of sustainability that the company currently applies are: digital settlements, payments through transfers, digital and editable forms for electronic signature, as well as the use of business cards with QR codes, you can find information about it in the last article published in the magazine Ekos (BMI: changing habits to be efficient and sustainable | Ekosbusiness). The idea is that with these simple steps, greater awareness can be generated at the organizational level about the optimization of resources and the search for long-term sustainability.

In addition, within these sustainability efforts, work is being done to achieve greater social inclusion with actions of Corporate Social Responsibility, focused on making economic and human talent contributions that support sustainability initiatives in Latin America, but also that generate a positive impact on society.

The different offices of BMI in Latin America work constantly with non-profit organizations and foundations that need support for their projects. In 2022, BMI Dominican Republic organized a blood donation day for children with cancer, BMI Costa Rica supported the San Miguel de Desamparados Nursing Home, BMI Guatemala the Villanueva Fire Department, BMI Ecuador began a relationship with the ¨Ser Foundation Feliz¨ and BMI Headquarters donated more than US$ 3 million dollars to different organizations such as the Baptist Health Foundation and Florida International University (FIU).  

BMI's digital transformation is focused on achieving efficiency and sustainable growth. This change is being possible because the first steps have already been taken, now it is time to maintain that growth and the necessary synergy between the ecological, economic and social sectors to continue leading the insurance industry throughout Latin America. 

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