BMI donates $2 million to Baptist Health Foundation


BMI donates $2 million to Baptist Health Foundation

International insurance company BMI made a $2 million donation to the Baptist Health Foundation to support the Digital Patient Smart Room program
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The international insurance company BMI made a donation of two million dollars to the Baptist Health Foundation to support the program Digital Patient Smart Room which will integrate high-tech functions in the rooms of the 12 hospitals that make up Baptist Health South Florida and thus make the stay of patients more comfortable and under a close, agile and automated care approach.

In honor of this contribution, the registration area in the lobby of Miami, Florida-based Baptist Hospital will be renamed BMI Registration and plans to open early this year 2023.

“We are very grateful and excited to be part of this initiative. This contribution will change the lives of many patients because this new technology provides a more personalized approach to medical care. In addition, we are delighted to begin a partnership with this extraordinary organization dedicated to improving people's health." Expressed Anthony Sierra, President and CEO of BMI.

This year BMI celebrates 50 years of experience and, as part of its organizational culture and customer-focused experience approach, it is strengthening its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and directing Strategic Alliances that support sustainability initiatives in Latin America, and that also generate a positive impact on society, people and the markets with which it works.

This donation represents BMI's commitment to contribute to initiatives aligned with its organizational values of integrity, empathy, providing peace of mind and providing a high-quality service hand in hand with technological tools.

“Our company has always worked in conjunction with the Baptist Foundation's mission of providing excellence, innovation, community wellness and leadership in healthcare, and with this contribution we will help provide a positive experience for patients and their companions by creating a more comfortable, with a unique, safe and efficient care, hand in hand with new technologies designed to humanize and relieve the stress generated by the dynamics of a hospital stay¨. Specified Andrew Sierra, BMI Director of Operations.

Service Digital Smart Room it will be available at the 12 Baptist Health hospitals in the state of Florida and will provide a variety of benefits such as: digital communication boards with information from the care team, daily plan and vital signs; educational videos about care; video chat with family and friends; translation services and food ordering; among others.

With this donation, the insurer BMI is contributing to the future of hospital care because the Smart Rooms they increase the efficiency of the work of medical personnel, and in turn, provide greater options for entertainment, comfort and, above all, improve the emotional connection of the patient with their loved ones.

About BMI Financial Group, Inc.

The BMI Group has 50 consecutive years of experience and track record dedicated exclusively to the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Under a continuous expansion strategy, today it has corporate subsidiaries in 8 markets: the United States (Headquarters), Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan and Venezuela.

His knowledge of the international insurance market and a broad portfolio of products and services in life insurance, health insurance and travel assistance have been a winning formula to position himself in the industry as a financially solid corporation with deep-rooted positive values.

Commitment, service, trust, adaptability and support are fundamental pillars in its corporate philosophy.

Currently, it has the third family generation providing leadership, innovation and providing peace of mind to families around the world.

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