How to transform what you are passionate about into a source of income?


How to transform what you are passionate about into a source of income?

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Working doing what you love and still generating a source of income is one of the most frequent desires among millions of people around the world. However, many see this as something extremely difficult to achieve, but in this post we give you some tips to achieve it without dying trying.

For decades we have been accustomed to having a formal job and monetizing our hobbies, our talents, what we are really passionate about was relegated until the Internet came to change that perception by opening endless options to create, sell and generate different sources of income.

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If you want to generate extra income doing what you like

The first thing you should do is identify what you are good at, each person is different and some are clear about their passion or hobby, but others are still in the process of discovering it. If you are still not sure, it is important that you ask yourself a series of questions such as What activities do I enjoy outside of work? What are my strengths? What activities am I passionate about and I don't practice them due to lack of time? Is mine a product or service?

If you are good at teaching, writing, doing crafts, creating projects, designing art or advertising materials, you can perfectly monetize it and make it compatible with your formal work, the key will be planning. Once you are one hundred percent clear about what you are going to do, the next step is to investigate if your passion or ability has a market niche that you can reach.

Crafts as a source of income

Market segmentation and strategies

Usually when we think about research we do it big, but you can take simple steps by testing with family and friends, using online surveys, getting the most out of your Facebook or Instagram account to measure if you can do well. Once you have done the market segmentation, you must consider how you could reach them, that is, define a series of objectives or goals and then create a series of strategies to achieve them.

The possible strategies can be linked to creating alliances with friends or a small group trustworthy, if you are good at making handicrafts, but you don't know how to record a video, you can ask a friend who is an expert in social media, to give you a hand. For people who are starting social networks, they are the best option. Open an account on Facebook or Instagram and start promoting your products. If you already have one, make the most of it.

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the potential of the internet

Likewise, you can exploit the maximum potential of the Internet and find out how to find a business opportunity or free courses to enhance your social networks, that will be a fundamental step to have followers and potential customers. tactics to get started There are many to connect with these potential clients and it will depend on the type of taste they have, some could be writing a tutorial, you can create video classes, create a specialized blog or write an e-book to generate a first approach.

Once reach notoriety and users know you, you can raise your profile and create an online store on your own website or on third-party pages such as: eBay, Amazon and Etsy or use platforms such as Oracle, Shopify or Bigcommerce. These allow you to include a blog within the store, images and photos of products, as well as the integration of various tools to analyze and optimize your website.

The most important thing is that what you decide to do continues to be your passion, you feel comfortable, it generates money and it becomes a recurring income, but above all, enjoy it and be able to maintain the enthusiasm to disconnect for moments from this hectic world in which we live.

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