Meet the winners of our BMI World Cup Forecast


Meet the winners of our BMI World Cup Forecast

Ganadores Quinela BMI Soccer Cup 2022
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The passion for football and the support for the different teams that participated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup was felt in BMI. Hundreds of collaborators and agents they put on the shirt of their favorite team and predicted the results of the 64 matches in the different stages of the World Cup.

The dynamic called ¨BMI World Cup Forecast¨ It had different phases and in each of them the participants had to predict the final result an hour before the end of each game to accumulate points.

During the development of this dynamic, everyone's response was constant because interest in the development of the pool was maintained through arts and advertisements that were shared on the landing page designed for this purpose. At that time, each participant was able to see their cumulative score in the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and, of course, the World Cup final.

The competition was strong, but finally the winners were. Mariana Pezzulo from BMI Headquarters, martha arias BMI Agent and johanna sanchez from the BMI Ecuador regional office. First place received a $1,000 gift card, second $700, and third $400 respectively.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of those who participated, it was possible to live the emotion of soccer in a world event that every four years unites families, friends and entire countries that dream of their teams being able to win the long-awaited world cup.

Qatar 2022 It was the twenty-second edition of the soccer world cup male organized by FIFA. This edition of the event ran from November 20 to December 18 during the Qatar Autumn which got the organizing rights on December 2, 2010.

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