BMI celebrates Thanksgiving as a family


BMI celebrates Thanksgiving as a family

Gratitude can transform ordinary days and the celebration of "Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day" is the perfect moment to look around, take a break in our lives and give thanks for all the good things. After two years of celebrating this special date in an atypical way, BMI employees were finally able to meet, share and continue the tradition that the Sierra family has carried out for years.
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The traditional lunch that BMI Headquarters held to celebrate this festivity, where employees shared typical dishes from their country of origin and enjoyed an exchange of culture and flavors, on this occasion was transformed and each one of the members of the Sierra family They were the hosts of the celebration and the feast. They showed their appreciation for the hard work, fidelity, effort and dedication of their collaborators, sharing a moment of generosity and retribution.

The Thanksgiving Day It has been in American homes for centuries and, although at BMI, many of the employees have their roots in Latin America, the essence of this very important time of the year minimizes that cultural difference and highlights values that are shared regardless of nationality: the gratitude and sharing with family.

This year the gratitude It became more relevant because individually and as a company, we managed to get ahead, we learned to value the small gifts of life such as health, having our loved ones close and being able to be providers at times when many people do not have that opportunity. They toasted to the good and it was possible to feel the connection between areas, the camaraderie of years of camaraderie, but, above all, the human side that all BMI workers have in common was evident.

“Thanksgiving 2022” has a special connotation for BMI because we are months away celebrate 50 years together with thousands of families and clients who have trusted our company, who have innovated by our side and who have made it possible for us to provide peace of mind and security to thousands of homes around the world through our services.

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