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oficinas BMI seguros

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The main goal of any business is to solve customer problems and make life easier for them. BMI is a leader in customer service and its focus is on helping customers and offering them greater peace of mind. For more than forty years, this pioneering insurance company has been offering Latin American residents health and life plans internationally. Today, BMI has clients in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BMI has offices in five countries and serves global clients.

Thanks to BMI Financial Group, corporations, families and individuals have insurance coverage in a multitude of sectors. BMI provides the means to protect economic growth by ensuring that its clients' futures are secure. More than a million clients trust and certify BMI. Additionally, in 2016 Ward Group ranked BMI in the top 50 of the best health and life insurance companies in the United States. The American Registry of Business Excellence ranked BMI in the top 1% of the most successful businesses of 2016 including a large number of mentions in the press, as well as honors by groups of recognized professionals, colleagues and clients.

The extensive portfolio that includes life and health insurance, as well as travel, disability, investment and reinsurance is not surprising. BMI offers a VIP program with personalized attention service 24 hours a day. With a simple glance at the company's website ( you can appreciate the wide variety of personalized service options that they offer to clients.

The passion and consideration of its founder, Antonio Sierra, runs deep. He was an insurance agent for other companies in the 1960s in Florida, focusing on estate planning with local coverage. Many foreigners living in the United States made large investments while maintaining citizenship of their country of origin. Some of these business transactions required considerable insurance to protect them, but domestic insurance companies refused to issue policies for these businessmen. Anthony Sierra's father was able to meet these needs and provided the necessary policies and coverage for them.

Word of mouth, the most effective form of marketing in those days, spread rapidly and the market began to quote these types of policies. The ability to find these insurance solutions created a niche market in Latin America, and Antonio Sierra established his own firm to offer US insurance policies to non-US residents.

The demand is still high today, as is the value of Antonio Sierra's legacy. BMI offers health policies with international coverage that have received an excellent rating in 2016, through AM Best Rating Company. America has grown on the courage and big dreams of immigrants, and BMI will continue to provide this stellar coverage.

In order to better serve the needs of its clients, BMI has established local offices in countries ranging from Ecuador to Costa Rica. BMI's long-term commitment has created a solid infrastructure that allows continuity in international growth, the expansion of products and the establishment of branches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. BMI is a company you can trust as it has the best interests of its customers at heart. With an eye to the future and global expansion, your coverage can bring further peace of mind.

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