BMI and Johns Hopkins University, in search of improving global urological care


BMI and Johns Hopkins University, in search of improving global urological care

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In our strong commitment to supporting medical exploration, we decided to support the research work of Dr. Misop Han and the Urobotics laboratory at the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins Medicine, pioneers in urological care around the world.

Since the inception of this relationship in 2021, we have donated $350,000 to support specific urological cancer detection and medical education research by Dr. Misop Han and the Brady Urological Institute. The doctors who are part of this institution have worked hard to find solutions to challenges in this research field and have been pioneers in techniques that have changed the face of urological medicine.

The Brady Urological Institute is a leader in its field, perfecting minimally invasive surgical techniques, transforming the field of prostate cancer care, and training future leaders of medicine. A portion of the donation ($125,000) has established the “Antonio M. Sierra Endowed Fund.” This fund provides critical support to advance early detection of urologic cancer and to improve physician training.

“BMI's approach to Dr. Misop Han occurred when our founder, Antonio Sierra, had a meeting for the medical treatment of a tumor. The result was so successful that, as a token of his gratitude, he decided to support the research of the Brady Urological Institute.” Stephanie García, Marketing Director of BMI, commented.

BMI's corporate social responsibility actions have focused on strategic social investments to help promote significant changes and thus achieve a positive impact on society and the markets where we work.

In 2023, we decided to accompany different social, medical, and environmental programs in different countries and strategically seek initiatives aimed at supporting the sustainable development goals that the United Nations has set to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

“Johns Hopkins Medicine, and specifically the Brady Urological Institute, gratefully recognizes BMI's philanthropy and the trust it represents in our work. We are strongly committed to ensuring that this donation delivers world-class research, education, and patient care,”

Said Dr. Mohamad E. Allaf, Jakurski Family Director of the Brady Urological Institute and Urologist-in-Chief of The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The specific social responsibility actions that we have carried out in recent years have positively impacted foundations, hospitals, medical institutions, schools, and NGOs. Our local offices and strategic allies know that providing a helping hand and investing in different sectors is a genuine way to thank and repay society for its trust in BMI.

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