Five mistakes to avoid when traveling


Five mistakes to avoid when traveling

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Traveling is one of the life experiences that gives us the most pleasure, the mere fact of visiting a new destination, disconnecting and creating memories that we will treasure for years gives us a feeling of happiness that is difficult to explain. The adrenaline of preparing the trip, getting to know new cultures, flavors, landscapes and traditions is indescribable, however, this transmission of dopamine to the body can be interrupted when we make some mistakes before and during the trip.

Not planning your trip correctly and not making sure of some aspects that are vital, could make you go from a feeling of joy to one of stress that you should definitely avoid. In this blog we want to share five of the most common mistakes that people commit when traveling and how you could avoid it.

1. Buy tickets and book a hotel on a date very close to the trip

Planning is the key to everything, so do not buy your ticket and book your hotel for a date close to your trip. Many times we postpone this step because we are trying to find the lowest price - that is very good - but it is a double-edged sword because book until the last minute it can increase your budget since the cost of tickets and accommodation tend to be double.

We recommend using some applications such as: Expedia, Skyscanner, Kayak or, These apps offer cheaper plane tickets than some airlines and this is because third party services usually use certain days to make tickets cheaper. In these applications you can also make reservations for car rental and hotels.

An additional tip is that you use flight alerts and try to travel in low season because that could reduce your budget and, that money you save, you can use it to enjoy other alternatives during your trip.

2. Choose peripheral airports 

If you choose an airport located on the outskirts of large cities, it could be a serious mistake since the cost of transportation to get to the center or tourist sites is usually very high, especially if you take a taxi or use a transport application such as Uber, Lyft or Indriver.

In European countries, these types of airports have a good public transport service, but in some cities in the United States and Latin America you must take private transport. If you are traveling alone, with children or with the elderly, it is not a good option either, keep in mind that the logistics to get around become tedious and in the end what you saved on the ticket will make you have a hard time because you will have to wait a long time and even pay much more.

3. Not reviewing your travel documents and entry requirements

This type of error is one of the most frequent, there are many stories that you have surely heard from a relative or close friend who could not travel because their passport was expired or because they realized until the last minute that they needed a special permit or a visa.

In most countries the minimum validity of your passport must be six months, therefore, we advise you to check if you can use it or directly request a new one. It is also important that you do a search for the requirements you need to enter certain countries, this will help you avoid headaches.

The United States, Canada, Morocco, the United Kingdom, among others, require a visa for citizens of certain countries, so it is important that you can anticipate this before your trip. After the pandemic, many countries require vaccination certificates, health insurance and a series of requirements that you must complete in order to have a pleasant trip.

4. Not traveling insured

This is the biggest mistake you can make because you have the perception that unforeseen events will not happen on a trip, but unfortunately incidents do occur that get out of our hands such as: lost luggage, flight cancellations, illnesses, thefts or accidents. The good thing about this is that BMI has Travel Assistance plans that you can select according to your budget and that will help you make that vacation or business trip as satisfying as possible.

BMI plans have no deductible or co-payments and cover assistance due to accident or illness, as well as hospital care for Covid 19, medications, dental emergency, loss or theft of luggage, problems that require legal assistance in transit, early return due to accident or death first-degree relative, among others.

5. Arrive a few minutes before your flight time

Punctuality on a trip is very important, if you do not calculate the time to take your flight correctly, the chances of missing it are high. You must take into account if the time of your trip is close to the heavier traffic So that you leave with enough time or if you are going to take public transport, it is vital that you know what the approximate time will be so that you do not have to run.

The airlines recommend arriving three hours before for international flights and two for internal flights, calculate how long it takes you to get to the airport and add at least 30 to 40 more minutes to arrive comfortably. It is better that you have to wait at the boarding gate than that you miss your flight.

The plans Ultra Plus, VIP and VIP Plus from our service Travel Assistance They include compensation for canceled or delayed flights, giving you the peace of mind to reach your destination without worries.

Remember the plans BMI They are an excellent option to travel insured. On the one hand, you have the guarantee of having the most complete health coverage -wherever you travel- and, on the other, our plans are backed by the largest network of specialized services in the world to be able to assist you immediately, safely, efficiently and in your language. If you want more information visit our website and choose the plan that best suits your budget and needs.

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