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Insomnia is a silent disease that causes a sleep disorder, causing anxiety when going to sleep. In adults more than 50% has had it at some point and it is usually caused by other health problems and / or concerns.

The inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep has important consequences for health and for our performance in daily activities. Not resting at night reduces the ability to concentrate and reduces the body's energy, which can translate into daytime sleepiness, one of the main reasons for work and traffic accidents.

Similarly, not sleeping properly can also cause anxiety, stress or irritability, something that adds tension to our social lives.

Sleeping pills can help when stress-related problems prevent you from falling asleep, but because these medications cause side effects such as memory problems, gastrointestinal damage, or dizziness and lightheadedness for the rest of the day, it's best to seek alternatives non-chemical to improve our rest without affecting other aspects of the body. Here we share 3 examples that you can try:


There are certain floral fragrances that can help you fall asleep, such as lavender, violet, linden or myrtle. Make a thin fabric bag where you keep the flowers and place it in your pillowcase on the inside. If you have a bathtub at home, here is another option to take advantage of the power of plants: fill it with warm water and add any of the mentioned plants, this will help a deeper relaxation. You can also add a few tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, which makes the water alkaline, this serves to calm the nervous network that is in the epidermis.


When you go to bed, lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Surround them with your arms and rock gently, making light movements to the right and left. This is a relaxing movement that makes it easier to fall asleep. Then, let go of your legs and find a position where you feel most comfortable sleeping. Doing light stretches before going to bed also helps to loosen the muscles, which benefits the body's relaxation.


Establishing a regular sleep schedule helps reduce the amount of time it takes to sleep, we know that many times sleeping at the same time is impossible, but trying will put our sleep clock in sync. Among the habits that you should adopt to be able to sleep better is avoiding the consumption of energy drinks or caffeine after 6 in the afternoon. Similarly, do not go to bed without dinner, as this makes it difficult to sleep and can cause you to wake up with an upset stomach, just stay away from heavy foods.

Remember that if the lack of sleep or the inability to sleep is recurrent, you should visit a specialist. Today there are special tests to determine problems related to lack of sleep, this test consists of spending the night under observation so that, by means of electrode sensors that are placed on the chin, scalp and eyelids, they can establish what is the cause of your insomnia.

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