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Labor productivity depends on many factors, concentration being a fundamental aspect.

How many times have you been left without finishing what you started, and you don't know what went wrong?

Many of the errors or delays that commonly happen in work hours are due to a lack of concentration and not necessarily professional skills. Our ability to concentrate is impaired by two main aspects: external distractions and physical discomfort. In the first case the solutions can be quite simple, but in the second, things get complicated, since a change of habits is necessary.

The brain, like any other organ, becomes fatigued and needs periods of rest to regain its proper function. Therefore, we must design a plan that helps us keep our mind relaxed to face any task.

Follow these simple tips and you will see how your work life will improve substantially:

1. Sleep well. A person must sleep at least 7 hours a day to keep their mental capacities in optimal condition. Keeping your sleep cycles stable will decrease anxiety and stress levels throughout the day.

2. Plan your activities. Set aside a specific time for each of your tasks, adjusting your times will help you achieve goals without distractions. Planning requires discipline, the pillar of concentration! Remember that being more organized will help you focus your efforts.

 3. Turn off the mobile. We know that in this hyper-connected world the cell phone has become essential, but we must be honest, there are times when we can silence alerts. Doing this during set times will allow you to work faster.

4. Write with pen and paper. Writing by hand forces our brain to make a greater effort to concentrate. In addition, when we write in this way we are also supporting our long-term memory.

5. Meditate. Meditation practice definitely improves your ability to concentrate. Keep in mind that the basic principle of this relaxation practice is to focus on something specific, which makes it an excellent exercise for our mind. And the best part is that you don't have to leave the office to do it.

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