Tips to take care of your personal data on the Internet


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Tips to take care of your personal data on the Internet

The world is digital, but with endless threats lurking on the Internet, how can you protect your personal information?
Datos Internet

Table of Contents:

The protection of your personal data

It is currently a vitally important issue due to the growth of Internet access, especially because of remote work and the increase in the number of hours we spend surfing the net. What has caused a considerable increase in the number of hackers and scams to users, for this reason it is essential to know the necessary security measures. Our information is increasingly compromised every day either with the simple fact of checking email, updating social networks, buying online ...

Do we pay enough attention to our personal data? Do we make sure to protect them? It is important to be vigilant and remember the basics of data protection, as sometimes we expose ourselves to very obvious risks.

From BMI we can advise you with some good practices to protect your data.Continue reading!

Protege tus datos
Protect your data

Tips to avoid one day being a victim of cybercrime

  • Choose strong passwords. The more complex your password, the more difficult it will be for others to guess it and thus prevent the theft of your personal data. Whenever you go to choose a password, combine uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. It is best not to use the same password on all your accounts, or include dates of birth, anniversaries or phone numbers.
  • Be careful with the information you share on your social networks. Configure the privacy of each of your accounts so that your information cannot be seen by anyone. Never publish data or images of the area where you live, address and telephone number.
  • Avoid connecting to public networks. Many places offer free Wi-Fi access, but as tempting as it may be, be careful, you don't know who can access your devices or what security measures they have. If you still decide to connect, never enter private data or access banking services, email and social networks.
  • Install and update your antivirus. Protect your computer with antivirus programs and firewalls and configure them to update frequently. The protection of your personal data on the Internet is the most important thing.
  • Search history. Clear your search history just like your browser's.

Controlling everything that happens on the Internet is impossible, but you can reduce the risk margin with these little tips.

With so many threats in the cyber world, it is important to protect our data. Being an expert in digital security issues puts you on the right track to protect the privacy of your data.

We invite you to share this article so that we can help others protect their privacy and ours!

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